This is Stewin Bernal Flick (Profe Stewin). He’s from Barranquilla, Colombia. He graduated from ÚNICA, university in Bogotá; and he has a Bachelor Degree in Bilingual Education. Also, he has always been passionate about teaching and guiding kids through inquiry and exploration. This is his sixth year as a classroom teacher. He has been working for International Baccalaureate as a workshop trainer helping other schools with their IB journeys. Also, he has had the opportunity to work as a PLC facilitator helping teachers strengthen their Spanish immersion teaching skills. Some of his interests include playing volleyball, going for walks, traveling, learning languages, and drinking coffee. The best part about traveling is getting to know new people and sharing one’s culture. Therefore, he wants his students not only to learn about his Colombian culture but also to teach him about their Minnesotan culture. A fun fact about Profe Stewin is that he’s currently learning ASL and Portuguese.