Arrival Time

For the welfare and safety of all students, we request that students do not arrive at school any earlier than necessary. If your child does not ride the bus, please plan his or her arrival time to be 8:45-8:55 a.m. Although teachers arrive earlier, they are not supervising outdoors or in the hallways. Their time is spent in meetings, conferences with parents and lesson preparations. Staff will be ready to receive students at 8:45 am. Any students dropped and unattended before this time will be sent to Aventuras. Families will be billed for this time. Classes begin at 8:58 am. Students will be marked tardy if they are not in their seats ready to learn at 9:05 am. Please escort your student to the office to get a tardy slip if your student arrives after 8:58 am. If a child has five or more unexcused tardies, the student, parents and our dean of students will meet to create a plan of action to ensure an on-time arrival each day.


Minnesota school attendance laws require children to attend school regularly. When your child is absent from school, please call the school office (952-746-6020 option 1) each day and give the following information:

  • Name of Student
  • Grade
  • Name of Teacher
  • Reason for Absence **important** If no explanation is given, the absence will be unexcused

If your child will be absent for any reason other than illness, parents/guardians should contact the school office and your child’s teacher before the absence.When your child returns to school, send a written note to the teacher. If students arrive late, they must be accompanied to the office before going to their classroom so that attendance reports can be corrected. On occasion, you may have to take your child out of classes for a short period of time or before the end of the school day. Please come to the office and ask our staff to send for your student. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO YOUR CHILD'S CLASSROOM TO PICK THEM UP. No child will be allowed to leave his or her classroom early without clearance from the school office. Students are expected to make up all work missed as a result of lateness and/or absences.

Background Checks

In accordance with ISLA's Background Check Policy. ISLA conducts criminal history background checks on all individuals who are offered employment with ISLA and all individuals who provide extracurricular services to to ISLA, except for enrolled student volunteers. However, ISLA may, at its discretion, elect not to require a background check on an individual who holds a license issued by the state board of teacher or the commissioner of education within the 12 months preceding his or her employment with ISLA. ISLA also conducts criminal background checks on all ISLA volunteers who have student contact not under the supervision of an ISLA employee. At its discretion, ISLA may also conduct background checks on other volunteers, contractors, and service providers. You can access ISLA's Background Check Policy on ISLA's website under the Board Policies tab.

Bike Safety

We have a bike rack, and children in grades four, five and six are allowed to ride bicycles to school with parent permission as long as safety procedures are followed. Bicycles may not be ridden during the school day. When leaving school, bike riders must be very careful of other children while walking their bikes to the edge of the school grounds. The school assumes no responsibility for damages or stolen bicycles. All bicycles should be locked. Students in grades kindergarten through third grade may NOT ride bicycles to school alone. Due to a lack of sidewalk to school grounds, please contact the Assistant Directory before your child rides to school without an adult.


Birthday celebrations are a special time in every child’s life. Students may have their birthday be a non-uniform day at school. If a child has a birthday during the summer months, or on a non-school day, the child may choose a day to wear an outfit of his/her choice. Please notify the teacher as to which day this will be. Schools have a responsibility to help students establish and maintain lifelong, healthy eating habits and maintain a safe environment for all students. Due to the increasing amount of food sensitivities and allergies in our environment, we have decided to eliminate edible birthday treats at ISLA. We will no longer have cakes, cookies, cupcakes or any other edible treats in the school for birthday celebrations. Individual teachers will help you find age-appropriate ways to recognize birthdays within the classroom. Non-edible ideas to celebrate birthdays

  • Parent donates book to the classroom and comes and reads the book
  • Parent donates an indoor game for class
  • Parent donates outdoor equipment: hula-hoops, jump ropes, bouncy balls, soccer or basketballs, etc.
  • Other: stickers, tattoos, pencils, pens, markers, erasers, play-dough

Bus Service

The Hopkins School District provides transportation to in-district residents.  ISLA will notify families of their stops and approximate time of pick-up and drop-off about 2 weeks before school starts. Our 6th grade students assist our younger students on the bus. In the event that a student is acting in an inappropriate manner, the incident is reported by the bus driver to our dean of students, who will take necessary and timely action.

If your child reports a problem to you, such as teasing, there are several steps you can take. First, help your child brainstorm ideas for handling the problem and offer lots of encouragement to try these ideas. Have your child talk to the driver about the situation. Finally, you may call the dean of students, and she will work with the students. If the problem affects the safety and well-being of others, it should be reported to the dean of students immediately by the student or parent.

Please remember - bus transportation is a privilege, not a right. The privilege will be withdrawn for inappropriate behavior.

Our school day begins at 8:58 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. Rules for good behavior on the bus are:

  • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner.
  • Remain seated until the bus stops.
  • Keep hands, feet and other body parts to yourself.
  • Use quiet voices and speak respectfully.
  • Follow the directions of the bus driver.
  • Students are requires to ride to/from their assigned bus stop. If a student needs to ride a different route or get off at a different bus stop, he/she must bring a note from his parents and have it approved by administration.

Families of students residing outside the Hopkins district boundaries will provide their own transportation to ISLA, or to the nearest Hopkins School District bus stop. If your student's bus is running late, you may check the following site for the status on the bus arrival: Hopkins Busing Updates. You may also call the bus hot line at (952) 988-988-5320.

Cell Phones and Other Electronics

Because of the potential for damage and/or theft, students are strongly encouraged not to bring cell phones or personal electronic items to school. Cell phone usage during the school day is not allowed. Students that have cell phones in case of an emergency should keep them turned off and in their back pack. If a student is seen with a cell phone or electronic items that are not turned off and in a backpack during the school day, including recess, will have the device confiscated. It will be held in the office or with the teacher until the end of the day. Continued abuse of this policy will result in a parent/student/administrator conference.

Child Care

Our School offers a before and after school child care program called Aventuras.


Open communication between home and school is critical to your child’s success. Conferences, open houses, report cards, weekly packets, individual learning plans, e-mails and newsletters are some of the formal ways we use to keep you informed about your child’s school experiences. Please check your child’s backpack or book bag regularly for notes. Please keep us informed. A signed and dated note should be sent to your child's teacher in the following circumstances:

  • Your child is going to someone else’s home after school.
  • Your child is riding a different bus.
  • You want your child to stay in during recess, or to miss physical education class. If the condition persists longer than three days, we will need a note from the doctor.
  • Your child will leave school early, or will leave and return during the day.
  • Your child's after-school transportation plans have changed.
  • Last minute changes should be called in. Do not e-mail changes after school starts.


Parent-student-teacher conferences are scheduled in the fall and spring. The purpose of fall conferences is to provide an opportunity for the parent/guardian and teacher to share information about the child and set goals. The purpose of the spring conference is to review progress to that point.


In cases where parents are separated or divorced and one parent has legal custody of a child, the school must have a copy of the court order that determines custody and visitation rights. The school must have legal documentation in order to comply with any limiting court order. State and federal data privacy laws recognize the right of a natural parent, regardless of child custody, to have access to the school records of his or her child. A non-custodial, natural parent may arrange to review the school record of his or her child. A request form to withhold information will be supplied upon request.


At ISLA we want to be proud of our students because we know they will conduct themselves appropriately, showing pride in themselves and their school. Our staff has the goal of establishing an atmosphere throughout the school in which children feel safe, secure and happy with maximum opportunities to learn. Our positive approach to school-wide discipline:

  • Consistence with IBPYP Learner Profiles
  • Have simple rules
  • Build sense of community pride
  • Help students identify specific positive behaviors
  • Increase students' positive self-esteem
  • Generate a positive climate

ISLA behavior guidelines are:

  • Work hard on the task or complete the activity assigned by your teacher. You are here to learn.
  • Respect the rights and property of others and yourself.
  • Belong and be responsible for your education and your actions.

A detailed copy of the school's discipline policy can be viewed in the school office or on our website.

Dress Code

Clothing colors allowed for pants, shorts, or skirts are light tan/beige, and dark blue. No sweat pants, overalls, or jeans are allowed. Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.

Clothing colors allowed for shirts are white, blue (any shade) and evergreen/hunter green. All shirts must have a collar (except the ISLA "se habla español” t-shirt), be of a solid color and cover the navel. Shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts with or without an ISLA logo may be worn.

Students may wear “jumpers” (i.e., one-piece suits) as long as they are light tan/beige, dark blue or white and are no shorter than 2” above the knee.

Brand name logos/labels on clothing should be avoided, but shirts with small logos/labels will be allowed. Visible logos should be smaller than 4” in diameter, unless it is the ISLA logo. Clothing should not have any writing, messages, or advertising other than what has been indicated above. Shoes with wheels are prohibited on school property. Students may wear colored or patterned tights under a skirt or shorts, and colored socks and appropriate shoes with closed toes.  Long sleeve t-shirts may be worn under the uniform. Per Governor Walz's Emergency Executive Order 20-81, unless exempt, students will wear face masks while in the school building until the executive order is no longer in effect.

On non-uniform days the following dress code must be followed:

  • Pants must be securely fastened at the waist (no “pants on the ground”).
  • No spaghetti straps or camisoles.
  • No short shorts or skirts. These must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.
  • No inappropriate words or logos.


State law requires schools to have the following drills each year:

  • Five (5) fire drills
  • Five (5) lock down drills
  • One (1) tornado drill

Fire Drills

Students will be instructed on the evacuation routes that are posted at strategic areas of the building. If a fire emergency does occur, students have to evacuate at that moment and may not have time to put on coats or jackets. Everyone in the building, including visitors and volunteers, must leave. 

Lock Down Drills

The purpose of lock down drills is to provide safety procedures for students and staff in the event of an emergency that is not fire or weather related. Although we would like to believe that we could never have and intruder or other dangerous situation inside or outside of our school, we feel it is best to be well-prepared so that we could react safely. 

Tornado Drills

State law requires all schools to have at least one tornado drill each school year. For the tornado drill, students will be instructed on taking indoor shelter and the take cover procedures.

Emergency File

Every child enrolled at ISLA has an emergency information file. This is our first reference in case we need to contact you regarding your child. It is essential that the school office maintain accurate address information, home, work, cell telephone numbers, places of employment and names of parents/guardians and caregivers. Please notify our office if there are any changes to this information.


The school will charge an appropriate replacement fee for textbooks, workbooks, library books or classroom materials that are lost, damaged or destroyed by students. Year-end report cards will be mailed to the family once items have been returned and/or paid for items lost, damaged or destroyed.


The ISLA lunch program is catered by Hopkins Royal Cuisine. Available lunch options include: The cost of milk has remained the same at $.55 per carton for those stundents wishing to have milk with their lunch from home. They have added some new menu items to make it more interesting for your child's descriminating palate. Due to the time that Royal Cuisine sends our food out for delivery to us, we will need to order lunches by 2:00 p.m. the day prior to serving. This means that we will not be able to accommodate last minute changes. If your child has signed up for lunch, but did not eat it, your child's lunch account will still be charged for this lunch. Please make checks payable to ISLA. 

2017-18 Free or Reduced Lunch Applications

Families wishing to apply for free or reduced price lunches should download and complete the Application for Educational Benefits Form and return in a sealed envelope to Jen Jouppi in the office. Once your application is processed you will be notified of the results of your application. 

Students with Lactose Intolerance

State law (Minnesota Statutes 124D.114) requires a Sponsoring Authority of school meal programs to provide an alternative for a student with lactose intolerance if the parent has requested an alternative in writing.The Lactose-Reduced Milk Request Form should be filled out and returned to the office if you would like to make a request for lactose-reduced milk.

Physical Education

Gym shoes must be worn to gym class. If a student cannot participate in physical education class, he or she must bring a note from home and/or doctor. An excuse from home will be honored for up to one week, if a note is sent each day. However, a doctor's note is required to excuse participation for more than 3 days. Students still must report to gym classes even if they are excused from participation.

Release of Student From School

For your child’s protection, it is our policy not to release a student to anyone other than parents or guardians unless we have received a signed and dated note stating the name of the person who has permission to pick up your child. On occasion, you may have to take your child out of class for a short period of time or before the end of the day. Please come to the office to sign them out and your child will be called to meet you in the office. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO YOUR CHILD’S CLASSROOM TO PICK THEM UP. This creates an unnecessary interruption in instructional time for everyone in the room.

School Hours

Our school hours are from 8:58 am - 3:30 pm.

Severe Weather

Students may be kept in school after regular dismissal time if severe weather poses a danger to them. Because our transportation is provided by the Hopkins School District, announcements concerning our school closings will be the same. ISLA will not be listed separately. If the schools are to be closed because of weather or other emergencies, an announcement will be made over radio station WCCO (830AM), WCCO TV (Channel 4), KSTP TV (Channel 5), and KARE TV (Channel 11). 

Parents can also call the Hopkins School Closing Hotline at 952-988-4019 to get information about school closings. 

It is important to make arrangements with friends, neighbors or relatives to care for your child in the event that school must be dismissed early. Make sure your child knows where to go if you are not home. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL unless it is an emergency. Incoming calls tie up lines at a time when school personnel must use the phones to ensure the safety of all students.


ISLA will partake in the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments as all Minnesota schools do. In addition, ISLA will assess all students upon arrival to this new school. A quick, computerized assessment will allow teachers to know where children are in terms of their academic development. These brief exams are given routinely in grades 2-6, thus allowing for differentiation to take place in the classroom. This means teachers will better understand the needs of individual students and will work to meet their individual needs. 

We also assess regularly in Spanish.

Parent Guardian Guide to Statewide Testing and Refusal to Test Form


Please inform the office and the classroom teacher of any absences due to family vacations with as much advance notice as possible

Visiting School

Parents are always welcome at ISLA. If you wish to visit a classroom, pre-arrangements should be made with the teacher or through the director. Parents are invited to join their child for lunch with prior reservations as lunches are ordered through Hopkins Royal Cuisine service. 

When you arrive, please check in at the office and pick up a Visitors badge to wear. We require all visitors to check in to ensure the safety of all children.