International Spanish Language Academy (ISLA), a public elementary school, immerses students K-6 in the Spanish language. This method of instruction, along with a rigorous academic program, provides students with a high level of proficiency in both Spanish and English. 

International Spanish Language Academy (ISLA) promotes strong character through International Baccalaureate Organization Primary Years Programme, also referred to as PYP. PYP promotes the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds. The program encompasses social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare. 

International Spanish Language Academy (ISLA) values our global community and strives to make connections by respecting and understanding the views, values and traditions of individuals and cultures. International Spanish Language Academy (ISLA) provides a quality education that prepares critically thinking, socially capable, culturally aware young people to thrive in a diverse, global society.

About ISLA

ISLA is a growing elementary Spanish immersion charter school, having opened in the fall of 2007. We are excited about all we have to offer children. 

The school was founded by five teachers who were interested in providing more immersion options for Minnesota families. Having worked in immersion for fifteen years or more, these teachers watched as family and friends applied to immersion programs, only to be placed on a long waiting list. After years of learning much about second language acquisition, it was time to create a new opportunity for children. 

With over seventy five combined years of immersion teaching and administration, these founders went to work to create a stellar program. Not only does ISLA offer a superior language model for children, ISLA also is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IBPYP) World School. The IBPYP brings global understanding to the classroom on a daily basis. Six units of inquiry are studied at each grade level, encouraging students to dig deep into a topic and look at issues from many perspectives. The IB Learner Profile integrates character education in every lesson. Students are encouraged to be principled, have integrity, to be honest and open-minded. Students read books on various topics integrating a science or social studies theme with these characteristics included as well. It is important at ISLA that we continue to teach children the important values that will help them become responsible global citizens. 

Spanish immersion is a popular education option today. It has evolved over the past twenty years of implementation here in Minnesota. Much has been learned in these twenty years. ISLA has designed an enriching program that offers best practices in teaching. Our teachers are trained in immersion teaching strategies, IBPYP implementation, Six Traits writing and the use of Responsive Classroom to enrich second language acquisition. Specialist classes are taught with a native speaker, thus further enriching the daily language experience. As our name indicates “ISLA” or island, is a place where students learn every day, surrounded by the Spanish language. Whether in the halls, at lunch, or on the playground, ISLA students are truly experiencing immersion through a cultural/language island model. 

We encourage you to learn more about ISLA today! Call or email the school. We would be happy to provide you with more information.