Board Committees


The Executive Committee shall have and may exercise all of the authority and powers of the Board of Directors in the management of the affairs of the Corporation, subject to such limitations as the Board of Directors may impose. The Executive Committee shall act only during intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors.


The purpose of the Facility Committee is to support the school administrator in managing all ISLA facility-related issues. This includes working with ISLA’s landlord to make sure we have adequate spaces and services for all of our needs. It also includes researching and recommending to the Board an appropriate space for ISLA’s future needs.


The committee is responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the organization. The committee also reviews the organization’s financial performance against its goals and proposes major transactions and programs to the board.


The primary purpose of the Governance Committee is to ensure sound governance and oversight of the process of operating ISLA and the functioning of the Board.These duties include election of Directors, election of officers, filling of vacancies, policy review, and other legal related matters.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee is an advisory committee to the ISLA Board of Directors primarily responsible for creating personnel polices and researching and advising regarding employee benefits and incentive programs. This Committee may also from time to time provide feedback and recommendations regarding hiring processes used by ISLA.

Marketing / Communications

The Marketing / Communication Committee helps promote ISLA within the community, develop and maintain the ISLA brand, and to coordinate with the Executive Director the communication process to the ISLA community.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for formal development of ISLA’s strategic and long-range plans and goals that are consistent with ISLA’s mission. In subsequent years when plans are in effect, the Strategic Planning Committee reviews and assesses ISLA’s progress towards the stated plans and goals.


The Technology Committee provides guidance to the school board and school officials in areas related to technology. The committee evaluates, recommends, and assists in implementation of technology related projects.