Rosa was born in Murcia, a small region in the southeast of Spain. She studied Biology at the University of Murcia and during her university years she participated as a student intern in research projects in the marine ecology department. She finally completed her bachelor´s degree in Biology in 2004 and has been working in education as a science teacher for 16 years. Passionate about nature and the sea, she has carried out several work camps as an environmental monitor and as a director. Due to her passion for education and teaching, she has worked as a teacher in different institutes in the region of Murcia and Andalusia and has participated in several environmental, linguistic and educational innovation projects and has worked as a teacher in the project "Improvement of the educational response in students with High Intellectual Abilities" for three years. Her love for the sea has led her to participate in volunteer works as a diver, carrying out sampling for the study of diversity and environmental impact and for the protection of seahorses in damaged ecosystems. Her curious, active and inquiring personality has led her to travel all over the world learning from different cultures, sharing experiences, growing as a person and helping the students she has worked with during all these years to develop and grow. She is very happy and excited to start her new adventure at ISLA, in whose community she is looking forward to integrate and be an active part of such an exciting project.