Lina Pinto is a first-grade teacher at ISLA. She is from Paipa, a beautiful town in Colombia. She received her Bachelor of Education Degree in English and Spanish as a Foreign Language in 2015. She later received her Master of Education in Foreign Languages in 2018. She started teaching in 2014 and has taught several grades and subjects since that time at different institutions and levels of education. She then became the director and one of the teachers at “Colegio Senderito del Saber”, an Elementary School in Colombia. After that, she worked at ISLA as a Language Ambassador. When she returned to Colombia, she continued her direction and teaching practices at the previously mentioned elementary school. She additionally spent 2 years teaching pedagogy and English to future teachers at UPTC University. She also supported the online Spanish immersion program for kindergarten at ISLA during the 2020-2021 school year. Teaching is her absolute passion but she has a lot of hobbies which she incorporates into her teaching practices. She loves dancing and was a professional dancer in Colombia for over 8 years. She also plays the piano, loves painting and drawing, and enjoys reading literature books. She loves Rubik’s cubes, big puzzles, board games with family and friends, and traveling around the world.