Jordi was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He received a double degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Physical Education and Early Childhood Education from Ramon Llull University. He has been working on his Master’s in Educational Technology and Digital Competencies for the last year. He also participated in a cross-cultural program in Minnesota as a Language Ambassador at Richfield Dual Language School. Then he returned to Spain and worked in an Elementary School for 5 years as a classroom teacher in third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade. Last year he decided to apply for a program called Visitor Teachers, a fact that allowed him to come to Minnesota and to ISLA. This will be his second year teaching at ISLA in fifth grade and he is very proud to be part of another cultural exchange teaching program in the US. His hope is to teach students Spanish while also sharing his country's culture with everyone in the school community. As a foreign teacher, he wants to have an impact on his students by preparing them for a global and international society. Besides teaching, Jordi loves sports, travel, movies, reading, cooking and spending time with his friends.