October ISLA News

September 29, 2019

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

Queridas Familias,

I am pleased to report that the 2017-2018 ISLA school year has gotten off to a great start! Teachers and students are falling into their routines, deep inquisitive learning is going on in every classroom, the buses are arriving and leaving on time, and road construction is even coming to an end (ok--not maybe that is a stretch, but at least the Highway 169 project is finally done!).   

Here are a few updates:

  1. At the beginning of this month, making use of an excellent rebate, ISLA was completely outfitted with LED lighting. All inside lights, the wall packs on the outside walls of the school, and the parking lot lights were changed. The energy savings and cost savings for ISLA will be substantial, it will increase safety at evening events,  and is a substantial step on our path to achieving better sustainability metrics.
  2. International Day of Peace: Thank you all for your participation in our peace activities.  Students were able to reflect on peacemaking around the world, how it fits into the IB profile, and discuss their pledges for peace. In addition, students researched geographical locations which need conflict resolution, while discussing the repercussions and historical basis for these conflicts.
  3. At IB schools we talk a lot about the value of International Mindedness; however, have you discussed this with your ISLA student as well? Usually, the definition of International Mindedness is couched in terms of a certain frame of mind; a curiosity about the world, an openness towards new things, and a deep appreciation of the intricacy of our world and our relationships to each other.  Essential to this conversation is an understanding and celebration of the value of diversity, in all its forms. Lastly, we delve into a dialogue about empathy for those who are different, while retaining pride in one's own culture and identity. For more about International Mindedness, please see this article in this month’s IB blog: https://blogs.ibo.org/blog/2017/09/01/international-mindedness-teachers-are-talking-about-it-but-what-exactly-is-it/
  4. Earlier this week, I sent out an invitation to an ideation session, to contribute your ideas and feedback for the future of ISLA. There are still spots available.    
  • When: Thursday, October 12th, from 6:30pm until 8:00pm
  • Where: In the ISLA Media Center
  • ​What:  The ISLA Board of Directors has contracted with Carlo Cuesta of Creation in Common to help facilitate this workshop, and we are looking forward to getting your input.

 The objectives of the evening include:

  • Engaging parents and guardians in visioning exercises to inform ISLA’s strategic plan.
  • Identifying key strategic priorities that ISLA needs to address over the next five years.
  • Envisioning ways the whole ISLA community can work together to achieve the school’s goals. 

If you are interested and available this evening, please sign up here:


Thank you for all that you do to support our mission,




Do you know that ISLA has an app, which links to our ISLA website?  You can get it here:

Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hr.apps.n207063507&hl=en

Apple:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isla-mobile/id1120633602?mt=8


Extra-curricular Activities

Come register for extra-curricular activities before there is no space available!  Role Play, Express-Arte, Theater and Sports rotation have space available for your student.  Our Language Ambassadors are waiting to work with your them!  Click here to register.

Do you want to practice your Spanish? Theater gives you a great opportunity! In this activity you can talk, express and interact with the rest of the students and the teachers at the same time that you have fun moments with your friends. So if you are interested come with us every Tuesday after school, see you soon!

Role Play - Do you like fairy tales, board games and video games? If your answer is yes, This one is for you. We will combine them in exciting strategy full activities where the most important tool is your mind and your dice, the keys to success in these games are creativity, strategy, teamwork... And a little bit of luck. 

Express—Arte Do you want to express your feelings, preferences, culture and traditions? This is your opportunity to learn how to do it through art, paint and use of recycling materials. In this extracurricular you will be able to create your own paintings and crafts and learn about different techniques from Colombia, El Salvador and United States. 

Sports Rotation—If you like physical activity and sport in general, this is your place! The sports rotation makes possible motor skills experimentation through  games, presented in a motivating way. Students will actively participate in various activities with the goals of encouraging sports practice, enable the practice of different sports and learn their characteristics. We will also encourage  development of values related to the sport (effort, team building, respect ...) and develop social habits of health and hygiene.