Noticias de ISLA y ISLA PTO

September 29, 2019

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant


We are looking for donations for our 12th annual Fiesta de la Primavera auction scheduled for May 4, at Plymouth Creek Center in Plymouth.


  • Host an adult dinner party (always a big hit)
  • Ladies night out, men’s night out, card night
  • Sponsor a group fun event (men’s golf outing, pool party, backyard BBQ)
  • A week or weekend at a vacation home, cabin or time-share

It is recommended that donated items be at least $30 or greater in value.

Please fill out the google form by March 15, contact Merrie Sjogren at for questions.

Thank you FABULOUS ISLA parents, for your support!


PTO General meeting

February 5th, 6:30pm
ISLA library

Come learn about what is happening with the PTO and hear about Conscious Discipline. Conscious discipline is a social emotional model that helps adults retool themselves so that they can respond and guide their children’s behavior. ISLA parent Annie Hoff is a certified conscious discipline instructor and will share information on this brain based social emotional model that is taking off in schools all over the state and country.

Child care will be available.

Follow this link to RSVP and to register for child care:"

The Spirit Store is open!

  • Place your order by Friday, February 9
  • All orders will be delivered to your student’s classroom by February 26."

If you have questions, please contact Laura at


The PTO collects and organizes new or gently used uniforms that are donated by ISLA families who no longer need them. They will be set out at a variety of events throughout the year.  However, if you find your child has gone through a growth spurt and you need access to them sooner Emily is able to give parents access to where the uniforms are stored.   

To donate items, please bag them and drop off at the school office.  Please feel free to take any items your kids could use. You do NOT have to donate anything in order to take.


Looking for more easy ways to help support the great work that the PTO does for our kids and their school? Here are two great options!

You can find your child’s things easily in the lost and found by marking them with bright, durable, Mabel’s Labels. Go to and click on Select your School/Organization and choose International Spanish Language Academy. A portion of your purchase will support the PTO.

Shop at Amazon? You can have a portion of your purchase donated to the PTO!  Go to and search for International Spanish Language Academy. Then just make sure to bookmark AmazonSmile and use it for your entire Amazon shopping needs.

Los Talentos de ISLA

ISLA will be having its Talent Show on Thursday, February 28. *Note Date Change* Students can register individually or as groups.A group of eight 6th grade students and four teachers and staff will be the selection committee for the event.  

The committee will contact all registered participants with specific information.

An individual or group can present a video of their talent if iti s too difficult to bring everything needed for the try out day.  

All presentations must be in Spanish including any lyrics.

All shows must be no longer than 5 minutes.

Follow the link to help your child register if he/she would like to participate.

Sibling Enrollment  

Make sure that your child receives the sibling enrollment priority they are entitledto at ISLA.  Submit an online student application for the sibling of a currently enrolled student by the sibling enrollment deadline of February 11, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.  Any student applications for a sibling received after the deadline will follow regular enrollment processes.


We’re always looking for future LA Host Families. Please contact Kim Gelperin at or Meggin Gregory for more information.

Summer Camp

Summer camp opened registration for non-isla families on Friday, February 1.

For full descriptions and dates visit:

To Register for Summer Camp:

Sign up before it is too late. Don't wait!



Daytime volunteers are needed for classroom exploration and library support.Spanish is not required. Have you considered volunteering? Sign up for a shift on the sign ups below and give it a try! Still not sure? E-mail us your questions - Sarah and Julia at

Exploration - We need your help! February spots remain open for every grade level! February dates listed by grade level below. Volunteer time is12:50-2:50pm

  • Kinder - 2/11 & 2/28
  • 1st - 2/12
  • 2nd - 2/1 & 2/14
  • 3rd - 2/4 & 2/15
  • 4th - 2/5
  • 5th - 2/7 & 2/25
  • 6th 2/8 & 2/26

Description:You will be assisting the students to participate in the projects and other handson activities that Sra. Maldonado has set up. Volunteer in your child’s class.The sign up identifies the grade and rotating exploration day, with 2 volunteers needed per day for grades K-2, and 1 volunteer needed per day for grades 3-6:

Library - We still have a need for volunteers to assist classes during library time. Spanish is not required. Thank you for considering!


ISLA Board Committee Openings: Interested in joining one of the Board Committees?

Popcorn Machine Maintenance - Contact the PTO if you are interested in maintaining the popcorn machine in between school and PTO events.

Go to the Volunteer Interest Form to learn about more ways to get involved:

Questions about Volunteering? Contact us at

Spirit Week

Please encourage your child(ren) to show their school pride the week of Feb 11- Feb 15. If students participate in the theme, they do not need to come to school in uniform.

This year our themes are:

  • Monday, Feb 11: Día de pijama (come to school in your most comfy or fun pajamas!)  
  • Tuesday, Feb 12: Personaje favorito (come to school dressed as your favorite book, movie or TV show character!)
  • Wednesday, Feb 13: Día medieval/Cuentos de hadas (come to school dressed from medieval times or as someone/thing from a fairy tale!)  
  • Thursday,Feb 14: El combo perfecto (come showing the perfect combination: on your own or in a group demonstrate a perfect combo like books on a shelf, cookies and milk, veggies in a salad, leaves on a tree or any creative idea you can think of! We will celebrate Friendship Day this day.)
  • Friday, Feb 15:Pelo/gorro loco(come to school with wacky hair or hats.)  

Calendar of Events

Feb 5 – PTO Meeting, 6:30pm
Feb 7 – Grades 1-6 Jump Rope Contest
Feb 11 – Lottery & Sibling Enrollment Deadline, 4 pm.
Feb 11-15 – Spirit Week
Feb 18 – President’s Day, No School
Feb 19 – ISLA Board Meeting, 6:30 pm
Feb 20-22 – 5th Grade Wolf Ridge Trip
Feb 21 – Late Start, 2 hours
Feb 28 – Talent Show, 1:30 pm  


I think we've all experienced the phenomenon of time seeming to fly by. The older we get, the faster weeks and months seem to disappear from the calendar. There are many theories on why this appears to happen, but one I've found interesting is related to experiencing life more fully.

One area of research suggests thatour perceived passage of time is related to the amount of new information we absorb. When we're young, life is full of firsts. Time seems to pass more slowly because everything about those moments is fresh and new. The unfamiliarity of new experiences allows us to take in much more information.Our brains also record very rich, detailed memories; so that our recollection of the event appears slower than the event itself. The speed of time seems to be determined by how much information our minds absorb and process. The theory states that we become more familiar with our surroundings as we get older and don't notice the detailed environment. It becomes dreary and familiar, so we stop paying attention to it. The more familiar we become with the day-to-day experiences of life, it becomes routine, and the faster time seems to run. 

So, if time seems to pass more quickly when we are just following a set routine, then we need to shake up that routine. Make more memorable something different. The older we get, the less "firsts" we can have...but we can stop floating through life. Fill your life with new experiences and expose yourself to unfamiliarity and newness. Do different things as often as you can. Challenge yourself to learn something new. Try a new hobby. Travel to new places. Push yourself. Set a goal, and work to achieve it. Live in the present; be mindful. If we give our full attention to the experience, it becomes more real. Don't rush; live slowly. Doing things slowly creates more time because it allows us to relax into the present; we are more mindful. When we rush, we turn from away from our present experience and literally rush into the future. No matter how old youare, your life can still involve the occasional first. And your life can definitely involve a number of "differents". 

Time doesn't necessarily have to speed up as we get older. We can change that by how we perceive experiences in our lives, how mindful we are throughout each day, and what we choose to do to shake up familiarity.

By Tanya Nelson School Nurse