MEA Weekend Note for Parents

September 29, 2019

Jeremy Perrin

Executive Director

Queridas familias, 

I wanted to send you all a brief note as we head into the MEA weekend.    I would like to thank the ISLA Board of Directors for their commitment to staff development, for sending ALL of our teachers to the Sixth International Conference on Immersion and Dual Language, put on by the University of Minnesota CARLA.  This conference only occurs every five years, and educators will be coming in to give workshops or attend the event from all around the world. While many schools are only able to send a handful of teachers, our teaching staff is excited that 100% of our teachers will be attending for two or even three days.   We are extremely proud of the fact that one of the Saturday workshops will be presented by one of our own teachers---Sixth Grade teacher Sarah Devers, along with Carmen Centeno, who taught here last year. We look forward to seeing their workshop, along with the others, and are once again thankful for the board for allowing us to hone our craft at this intensive training course. Today, we are sending home the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Reading and Math Growth Assessment results in the red folder for students in grades 3-6.  Please take a look at the results, and let us know if you have any questions.  Lastly, if you haven't done so already, please sign up for fall conferences being held on November 3rd and 4th.  

Wishing you all have a safe and pleasant weekend,