September 29, 2019

Sarah Walz


Even the biggest “THANK YOU!” could never be enough to express the appreciation our school and LA Program has for our LA HOST FAMILIES!  This year, ISLA took on our biggest LA project yet… with 8 LAs comes the need for SIXTEEN host families. 

Thank you to our Fall host families who opened their homes and hearts to our Language Ambassadors:

  • Lynn and Ricardo Cases (Rose - 8th; Iris - 6th; Dahlia - 3rd)
  • Heather and Mark Copps (Clara - 10th; Ben - 8th; Will - 6th)
  • Bruce and Cindy Hoffman (Lauren - 6th; Jenna - 3rd; Madelyn - Pre-school)
  • Jaiah and Julie Kamara (Audrey - 2nd; Isaac - Pre-school)
  • Sarah and James McCabe (Miriam - 3rd; Lottie - 1st)
  • Nate and Sarah O’Connor (Caitlin - 6th)
  • Kerry and Joe Salemi (Nicholas - 2nd)
  • Merrie and Aaron Sjogren (Elsa - 3rd; Anders - Kinder)

And, thank you to our Spring host families who will do the same starting this January until our LAs return to their homes:

  • Jenny and Diego Coig (Iker - 1st)
  • Carrie Eckstam and Mark Hurwitz (Cody - 3rd; Laurel - 1st grade)
  • Jina and Andy Hagen (Ila - 3rd; Emmett - K)
  • Anne and Martin Hoff (Chloe - 6th; Carson - 3rd)
  • Jen Jones and Mike Kannenberg (George - 6th grade; Olive - 2nd
  • Susan and Enrique Malaret (Jordi - 7th; Gabi - 7th; Ava - 3rd)
  • Joseph Rinaldi and Maira Miler-Rinaldi (Joey - 5th; Rasmus - 3rd; Vedder - K; Enzo - Preschool)
  • Angie and Dan Tix (Linnea - 8th; Oscar - 6th; Annika - K)

Seeking 2018-19 LA Hosts

We need hosts for the 2018-2019 school year! It’s never to early to start the conversation. Please contact Kim Gelperin ( or Meggin Gregory ( , LA Coordinators, for more information or to be put on the contact list for next year!

Mark Your Calendars

  • January 23 – PTO General Meeting