September 29, 2019

Sarah Walz

Looking for Room Parents!

Consider volunteering to be a room parent! The room parents are the interface between the teacher and the parents, and help coordinate fiestas, volunteer needs, and other activities within the classroom. We are in need of room parents for the following:

  • Sra. Olesen
  • Sra.Devers
  • Sra Alfaro – an additional volunteer to copy and collate math homework

If you want to be a Room Parent or have any questions please contact Cassie Bellio!

Box Tops for Education

It’s time to collect Box Tops for Education! Clip the box tops on designated products from cereal to paper products to school and office supplies. ISLA has used the funds for playground equipment (balls, jump ropes, hula hoops) and books for the library. Last year ISLA earned $500! Let’s see if we can beat that number this year!

Turn in your box tops to the bin by the office by October 27th.

Yearbook Volunteers!

Join the yearbook committee! We are looking for volunteers to join the design team to put together the year book and to take pictures at events. Contact Katie Gitler ( for more details.

Mark Your Calendars

  • Nov 3 – Dia de Los Muertos
  • December 3 – Barnes and Noble Bookfair
  • December 13 – Restaurant Night at Chipotle

Meet the LAs!

Cristina San Segundo Velaquez

I was born and raised in Avila, a small City near Madrid. After high school, I moved to Salamanca for University. During those years I lived in Italy and the United Kingdom where I learned Italian and improved my English.

After college I studied for a masters in education and I have worked as a teacher ever since.

I love travelling and getting to know new places so I'm very excited to get to experience American culture this year!

This fall I’m staying with the Kamara family.


Jose Luis “Pepe” Rodriguez Garcia

Hello everyone! I'm Jose Luis, but everyone calls me Pepe or Pepelu. I am 26 years old and on December 3rd I will be 27. I am a Primary and Physical Education teacher and also a soccer coach in Barcelona, my city, but I am a Real Madrid fan! As a good Spaniard I really like soccer and, in general, all sports. I also like to travel, bike, climb mountains and party with my friends. I am very happy, social and positive and I hope to be able to show it in ISLA during this year!

This fall I’m staying with the Salami family.


Anna Larruy Arador

Hello my name is Anna Larruy Arador I am from Spain, Barcelona. I spent all of my life in that city and I am totally in love.

I Love the sea, I’ve sail for many years so I need the beach near to me to practice my favorite sport, sailing. Another of my passions is music, I couldn’t live without it. All day I am listening to music. I Love all types, I listen to one or another in depends of my feelings. I’ve played the flute since I was six years old, when I am a little bit stressed I play to help me to relax. It is the best therapy for me.

I just finished my second degree in primary education. My first degree is in Childhood education. I really like to teach. When I was small I always played like I am a teacher and all of my toys are my students, so teaching is my dream come true. I worked for five years in a summer camp with kids between five to twelve years old. The last years, I worked as a tutor in a group of kids between 4 to 5 years old. It was the best year in my life!

This fall I am staying with the McCabe family.


Maria Paula “Mapu” Boada Angel

Hello my name is Maria Paula Boada Angel, but everyone calls me Mapu. I am from Bogotá, Colombia and I am 24 years old. I lived six months in Chile in a student's exchange program and now I am here in the States for the first time. During this school year I am going to be working with kinder and first grade. I feel more than excited to be at ISLA to share my culture, learn about Minnesota and American people and help kids in their learning process.

I love extreme sports, outdoor activities, read, go to the cinema, shopping, museums and try new things that help me to learn about American people and culture.

This fall I am living with Sjogren family.


Diego Melaro Vian

Hola a todos! My name is Diego Melero and I am one the new Language Ambassadors at ISLA. A little bit about my academic background: I have studied English Philology in College and have a Masters about Teaching in Secondary School.

Something about me? I love all kind of sports, especially basketball and soccer, so I cannot wait for a Timberwolves games! Ah, and I love eating!

My important goals from this year at ISLA: to gain experience as teacher, to meet a lot of nice people and have a lot of fun here in Minnesota as I am doing since I arrived here.

This fall I am staying with the Copps family.

Carlos Melero Rodrigo

Hola! I'm Carlos from Spain. I've lived all my life in a little village in the Eastern part of Castilla y Leon named El Burgo de Osma. I've studied primary education in Universidad de Valladolid. Since I was a kid, I've had different hobbies with the rest of my friends like videogames and crafts. I also like anime, manga and cosplay. I'm very exciting to be here teaching, and this way I hope to become a better teacher and a wiser and more cultural person.

This fall I’m staying with the Cases family.


Nidy Membreño

Hello! My name is Nidy Membreño. I'm from San Miguel, El Salvador. My beautiful family is made up of my dad, my mom, and myself. I have no siblings. One strange thing about family is that the majority of cousins are boys. There are only 4 girls in the family. My parents, Alvaro and Ana, are teachers at an elementary school. When I was 4 years old my mom taught me to read and write and when I was 6 years old my dad taught me how to draw. The school I attended in El Salvador was very close to my house. 5 years ago, I began studying to receive my BA in English at a private university. I finished my BA, but I am now doing a special emphasis in Teaching Methods.

My favorite actives are reading books, visiting new places like museums and parks, and also going out with my friends. I was also in a church group where I helped people with needs. My favorite types of food are Italian and Mexican food. I especially love pizza. I think that I am a calm person. I like to help others when they need it.

Currently I'm living with my beautiful and lovely host family here in Minnetonka, the Hoffman family.


Lara Martin Gomez

Hi everyone! My name is Lara, I am one of the eight Language ambassador in ISLA. I am from Spain. My city is called Valladolid and is in the middle of the region of Castile and Lion. It is the biggest city in that region.,For me the most beautiful is Segovia, where I lived for some years and I could find amazing places like castles and it’s Acueducto. Moreover, I also grow up in a town called Cuéllar, in the city of Segovia, where you can do a lot of different activities, like walking along the river, along the forest and the nature, if you do “La senda de los pescadores” which is an amazing opportunity to breathe fresh air and spend the day with your friends. I always do this in Spring at least once. In Autumn our forest gives us the opportunity to go there to catch the different fungi’s and then you can cook and share with your family and friends. I like to do this activity with my little cousins because they enjoy so much when they find a fungi.

another important thing about me, is that I love my job, I work in an adventure park, called Pinocio, which is close to Cuéllar. There you can do different activities like paintball, climbing rock walls, zip lines, different plays between trees in different highest and more things, so I spend here almost five months per year working with children, young people and families, and I love it.

This fall I’m staying with the O’Connor family.