September 29, 2019

Sarah Walz

Field Day Volunteers!

"Mom, dad, can you come to my school and help out?"

Have you heard this from your kids? If so, here is one of your last chances this year to see them in action.

Please consider volunteering for Field Day, Wednesday, May 25th. We have several volunteer opportunities. This is a fun end-of-year-event. Come join your kids, staff, and have a blast!

PTO Meeting

Join the PTO Board at our spring meeting. We will be voting on the budget for the upcoming school year. Due to the success of the fiesta this year, part of the budget includes the addition of an 8th Language Ambassador. There are also positions available on the board, and many other ways to be involved!

Childcare will be available. We will see you at 6:30 pm in the ISLA library.

Box Tops for Education Collection

As the school year comes to an end, be sure to turn in your box tops for education! ISLA can use the money for anything it needs! Examples include computers, books, and playground equipment are just some of the ways schools have chosen to use the funds raised through Box Tops for Education.

Turn in the box tops to the box by the office before school is out this spring.

Fiesta Gatherings!

If you are looking for more occasions to meet up with ISLA families, there are still a few Fiesta gatherings available. There are opportunities for everyone with events hosted by staff and ISLA families!

  • LA and Student events –An afternoon of Futbol and More!
  • Teacher and Student events –2nd-4th grade spa day
  • Families – 2nd grade family kickball game, Kinder pool party, and 2nd grade pool party
  • Adults – Murder Mystery Dinner and YogaFit Class

Click on our ISLA store link below to learn more about each gathering and to sign up!

Last PTO Family Night of the Year!

Monday, May 22nd, 6-8 pm

The Roller Garden, 5622 West Lake St., St. Louis Park

Join other ISLA families as we celebrate the end of the school year during our traditional roller skating party! Bring the entire family. It's a free event. Admission and skate rental are included. We hope to see all of you there! Sponsored by the ISLA-PTO.

Susana Sanz

Grade: Sra. Holzbauer (Kinder) and Sra. Martinez (1st)

Host Families: 

I stayed with the Budolfson family in the fall. The first week went to Lake Minnetonka on the boat. We would also go to visit sights around Minneapolis, out to restaurants, and spend time with the family. On the weekends, we go visit things, watch kids in their races, play games, talk together, and help with dinner.

Now I am staying with the Gregory family. We do similar activities. I am busier with extra-curriculars, so we spend time talking and playing with children. On the weekend we have visitors and dinner with friends. When we have good weather we go to Bryant Lake and walk.

Experiences at ISLA:

I have a good relationship with the students, the students are very loving. They are grateful with me.

There are a few differences in schools, but simple differences. It’s mostly culture. In Spain, there is more structures/book to follow in Spain, and here it is more relaxed, though it could be the schools I’ve been to. In Spain we are always following the book, and here there are more evaluations. I think schools are more similar than different.

Classroom Support:

I spend the morning with the 1st grade kids. I help with assembly, supervise breaks, lead small groups for reading, language practice activities, and supervise second recess. In the afternoon I help the Kinder class with math, IB projects, supervising breaks and go outside with the kids.


I think it’s really good, but maybe it’s sometimes not very healthy.  But it’s really good. You can eat different things. In Spain we have hamburgers and pizza, but it’s different here.


1st trip – we went to a Cabin in WI with a few LAs. It was my first time making s’mores. They are so good! It was also my first time having a lake right in front of the house and being around all the trees. I was so impressed, it was my first time seeing the forest and it was so relaxing.

2nd trip – I went to Chicago with the LAs. We spent 8 hours on the Megabus. While in Chicago we took Ubers. One adventure is one of our Ubers lost the bus, so it had to follow the bus. Someone on the bus had to convince the driver to stop.

3rd trip was over Christmas. I went with Nuria and a friend to Orlando. We went to Universal Studios, relaxed, and sat in hot tub. Then we went to Miami for two days. We met Mario, stayed at the beach, and went to dinner. Finally we went to New York. The hotel was by Madison Square Garden and very expensive, but so worth it. We saw the Christmas tree, Met up with Douglas, and visited the MoMA, Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Grand Central Station, and Times Square.

We went to the Tix family cabin and went sledding, snowmobiling, and snowtubing. It was a good experience to be on a frozen lake!

Over Spring Break I took a flight to Chicago to see family and parents and twin brother and little sister who is currently is in Chicago. We stayed the house for 4 days.

For the other part of Spring Break I with Nuria to Las Vegas. We stayed in Stratosphere, met Mario, Martin, Douglas and went out together. Then we went to the Grand Canyon. We almost lost the bus due to the time changed! We also saw Route 66, Hoover Dam, and Las Vegas. Then we took a bus to Los Angeles and stayed at a hotel on Hollywood Blvd. We took a tourist bus around LA and saw Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Museums, and the Chinese Theater.

Advice to Future LAs

Minnesota is a very nice place. They say the winter was easy, but I thought it was long. Don’t worry, you have a lot of activities to do. There are things to do inside cabins if you don’t like to do things outside. Try to experience new things and go with appropriate clothes and you don’t need to worry about anything.

What’s Next?

When school is out I will stay here one week, then return to Spain to present my final project. I will try to find a job teaching younger kids. In order to be a teacher in Spain in public or charter schools I will need to study more for that option. I would like to eventually come back to the states to learn more.