September 29, 2019

Sarah Walz

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week (May 8-12) is teacher appreciation week. We encourage students to send pictures and write notes of appreciation to all of the teachers, LAs, and staff that make an impact on a day to day basis.

The PTO is also coordinating a few special events during the week to show gratitude to all of the teachers and staff for their work. We need your help to pull it off!

Check out the sign up genius below and sign up if you are able. The PTO thanks you!

Box Tops for Education Collection

As the school year comes to an end, be sure to turn in your box tops for education! ISLA can use the money for anything it needs! Examples include computers, books, and playground equipment are just some of the ways schools have chosen to use the funds raised through Box Tops for Education.

For a form to attach box tops click here

Fiesta Gatherings!

Another successful Fiesta! Thanks to all of the families, staff, and friends who participated through many volunteer hours, donating items and events, bidding in the online auction and attended the live event. The PTO is so appreciate of the ISLA community and involvement for sustaining a successful Language Ambassador program year after year.

If you are looking for more occasions to meet up with ISLA families, there are still a few gatherings available. There are opportunities for everyone with events hosted by staff and ISLA families!

·         LA and Student events –An afternoon of Futbol and More!

·         Teacher and Student events – Day at Como Zoo, Picnic at the Falls, and 2nd-4th grade spa day

·         Families – 2nd grade family kickball game, Kinder pool party, and 2nd grade pool party

·         Adults – Murder Mystery Dinner, YogaFit Class, and LTD Brewery Tour and Tasting

Click on our ISLA store link below to learn more about each gathering and to sign up!

Mark Your Calendars

  • May 8-12 –Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 22 –Roller Skating Party
  • May 23 – PTO Meeting

Join the PTO Board!

Hello ISLA Parents, the PTO wants you!

We have PTO positions that we are looking to fill for next year and we need your support!

The following are the specific roles that will be open and available: PTO Chair; Fiesta Coordinator(s); Treasurer; and Fundraising.

Please know that no prior experience is required for any of the roles, just a willingness and passion to help support your child’s school. Also, any of these roles can be shared with a partner making it a bit more fun and easier to balance with other priorities.

The PTO is an integral part of helping build and foster a sense of community at ISLA. We support great events like the Welcome Back to School picnic and Dia De Los Muertos; we raise funds to support and execute the Language Ambassador program; and we promote volunteerism and engagement with many other events and activities at school.

We cannot do this without you, so please consider taking part of the PTO and helping support and shape the activities and spirit of ISLA!

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of the current PTO members if you want to learn more about it. Thank you!

Matt Stockhaus


Nuria Hernández

Grade: Sra. Holzbauer (Kinder) and Sra. Martinez (1st)

Host Families:

I stayed with the Coopers Family in the fall and am now staying with the Martin family. I got to experience different types of family experiences. With the Coopers, they have younger kids and they always wanted to play with me. We spent a lot of time going to their activities like swimming and karate. With the Martin family their kids are older and our activities are different. We’ve gone to see musicals and go out to dinner.

Differences between Spain and the United States:

The transportation is very different! I was surprised at how spread out everything is. I can’t walk everywhere. I always need a ride.

The food is also different. In Spain, we eat more soup. At school kids usually go home for lunch. The food here is stronger, sweeter, and more addictive! I went to a Spanish restaurant for my birthday, and nobody who worked there was Spanish! The food was good, but different than in Spain.

The United States is more multicultural. In Spain, I only knew Catholics. Here I’ve been able to get exposure to other culture holidays and food traditions. It is different to not celebrate parties (Christmas, Easter) in school due to religion.

Relationship with the students:

I work as a team with the teacher. Sometimes I help lead a lesson when the teacher is working individually with a student, or I help out with small groups or 1:1.

I love the students. They run to me and write me letters. 1st graders even write me letters that say “Tu eras me mama!” I think the kids are more honest with the LAs. They will tell me something first before they tell the teacher. They love their teacher, but respect me as a friend. They are always so excited to share their weekend plans with me!


Everyone told me “it’s going to be so cold” and I was scared. But I didn’t think it was that bad, the weather is worse than in Spain, but be open minded about the weather.


I was able to take advantage of many travel opportunities so far.

1st trip one of the ISLA families hosted the LAs at their cabin. We ate s’mores and sat around the campfire and talked.

2nd trip was to Chicago with the LAs. We went on the sky ride, many museums, and posed by the silver bean.

3rd trip was over Christmas and I went to Orlando, Miami, and New York. We saw Universal Studios in Orlando, sat on the beach in Miami, and saw many sights in New York. New York was my favorite trip.

4th trip was over spring break. We first went to Las Vegas where we went to the casinos, walked, and swam. Then we hiked at the Grand Canyon. And finally we went to Los Angeles where we stayed by the Hollywood walk of fame and went to Santa Monica.

Advice to Future LAs

Be open-minded. Don’t think “I don’t like the cold, I don’t want to do that”. Forget about what you did in your country. This is something you can’t do in your country, so experience it here. Not everyone is able to do this in their life.

Travel as much as possible.

Don’t sit in your room, do what your host family does as time goes fast.

In the classroom enjoy every type of kids. Everyone has something special.

Thanks to All of the Families

All of the families are so generous and engaged. They want us to enjoy our experience here

Thank you to the Tix family for letting us go to your cabin where we got to experience winter activities. We went sledding, cross country skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling.

What’s Next?

Two years ago I was finishing my degree in Ireland and I caught the teaching bug. When I return to Spain, I will study for my masters and find a job. My degree is in English studies, and I will specialize in education. I have to decide if I want to teach English, or Spanish as a second language. The master’s degree gives me the ability to go abroad. I’d like to travel the world and teach English and Spanish.