September 29, 2019

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

ISLA Speed Rope Jump Contest

Dear ISLA Parents,

Once again, we are preparing for our Annual Jump Rope Contest.  Currently we are finishing the Jump Rope unit and the contest will take place on Tuesday February 6th in the ISLA gym. We invite parents, guardians, grandparents, relatives, and friends to come and watch.

I appreciate your support and enthusiasm for this activity to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

These are the participating groups:

  • Division     I - Grades 1 and 2 – starts at 1:15. All observing classes must be in the     gym 5 minutes before the contest starts.
  • Division     II - Grades 3 and 4 – starts at 1:55.      All observing classes must be in the gym 5 minutes before the     contest starts.
  • Division III - Grades     5 and 6 – starts at 2:30. All observing classes must be in the gym 5     minutes before the contest starts.

Each selected student will have 2 ten second turns during the contest. The top contestant will be the one with the most jumps in 10 seconds. Six students (Three boys and three girls) in each division will receive awards for third, second and first place.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


Sr. Díaz

No School-Grading Day

There will be no school on Monday, January 29 due to grading day.  If you need child care for this day, please sign up at   


Date:  Friday, January 26th 2018
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: ISLA Multipurpose Room

ISLA’s Student Council will be hosting its third annual Talent Show.

There will be two amazing acts per grade and we hope you can come and join us watch these incredible performances.

Board Update

The ISLA School Board met on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 6:30pm. Here are a few of the things that the school board is working on:

  • ISLA was awarded the High Quality Charter School Designation for the second year in a row. ISLA is able to consider some new growth possibilities due to the award of this designation and is honored to be among 40 of the 164 charter schools that received this award in the Minnesota.
  • A number of architects and builders have been contacted in order to explore expansion possibilities.
  • Mr. Perrin has been invited to be one of the representatives from the U.S. to conduct interviews in teachers interested in applying to teach in the US from Spain. 
  • The School Board heard updates from the Facilities Committee about the next step in the Green Space construction project.  ISLA is waiting to hear from our bank for the final steps before we are able to finalize bids.
  • The School Board approved a revised Equal Education Opportunity policy, a Student Internet Acceptable Use and Agreement form.  Previously, the School Board voted to remove the policy on Early Entrance to kindergarten.
  • The October and November 2017 financials show that ISLA has a positive fund balance and has been on track with expenditures. The Board reviewed and approved those financials.
  • The Election and Nomination committee and Nomination Chair have been approved by the Board Chair for the 2018 Board elections.  There will be several open seats and all members of the ISLA community are encouraged to apply.

Current ISLA School Board Members are as follows:

  • Nora Tycast (Chair), parent
  • Jaiah Kamara, parent
  • Dan Tix, parent
  • Martin Hoff, parent
  • Adriana Maldonado, teacher
  • Kris Taylor (Secretary), parent
  • Heather Copps, parent
  • Jared Goodwin (Vice-Chair), community member
  • Allison Olesen, teacher
  • Cori Adams, teacher
  • JJ Schlangen (Treasurer), community member
  • Susan Malaret, parent
  • Mary Jo De Villers, grandparent and community member

If you would like to be involved with a committee that serves the Board, we would love to have you. Please see the ISLA school website for committee information:

To view the complete agenda and notes for the board meeting please follow this link:

Summer Camp Activities

Three wonderful weeks of camp for kids! Each week has a totally different theme and activities. They are all taught by ISLA staff. Come enjoy the summer and let’s get back to speaking Spanish or let’s start learning a new language!  ISLA camps are for immersion students and heritage language students who are fluent in Spanish. Registration will be open February 1.

Click here to find out more information.