ISLA News 1-27-17

September 29, 2019

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

ISLA Speed Rope Jump Contest

Dear ISLA Parents,

Like in years past, we are having the Jump Rope contest. Currently we are finishing the Jump Rope unit and the contest will take place on Tuesday February 7th in the ISLA gym. We invite parents, guardians, grandparents, relatives, and friends to watch.

I appreciate your support and enthusiasm in this activity to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

These are the participating groups:

  • Division I - Grades 1 and 2 – starts at 1:15. All     observing classes must be in the gym 5 minutes before the contest starts.
  • Division II - Grades 3 and 4 – starts at     1:55.  All observing classes must be     in the gym 5 minutes before the contest starts.
  • Division III - Grades 5 and 6 – starts at 2:30.     All observing classes must be in the gym 5 minutes before the contest     starts.

Each selected student will have 2 ten second turns during the contest. The top contestant will be the one with the most jumps in 10 seconds. Six students (Three boys and three girls) in each division will receive awards for third, second and first place.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


Sr. Díaz

Lost and Found

Lost and found is overflowing the cabinet.  This week, we put the lost and found on tables in the atrium.  Come and claim your child’s valuables. Lost and found will be out at the PTO Family night.  Check it out.  Items not picked up by Friday, January 27th, will be donated!  

Sibling Enrollment

Make sure that your child receives the sibling enrollment priority they are entitled to at ISLA. Submit an online student application for the sibling of a currently enrolled student by the sibling enrollment deadline of February 14, 2017.  Any student applications for a sibling received after the deadline will follow regular enrollment processes.

ISLA Spirit Week

ISLA spirit week is February 6-10th.

Here are the Spirit Week Themes:

Monday:  Día de Gemelos:  Students dress identically with a friend or two.

Tuesday: Personaje Favorito:  Students dress up like their favorite book character.

Wednesday: Día de Pijama: Students wear pajamas to school.

Thursday: Día Deportivo: Students show their team spirit or dress like an athlete.

Friday: Día Tropical:  Students will brighten up the winter days by wearing something tropical.


Summer Camp Registration is now open!

Click here to register

Adventure Wilderness/ Aventuras en la Naturaleza

July 24 – 28 Entering Grades 1-5

Step out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness! Join us for a week of exploration at Lone Lake Park, where you will learn basic wilderness survival skills. Have you ever found hidden treasure through a geocaching excursion? In this camp, you will learn how to geocache, create your own compass and build a shelter. We will identify animal tracks and solve nature mysteries, create shadow art and natural dyes, as well as play games using your various senses. Put on your walking shoes and challenge yourself in this week of fun and adventure...I will survive! Most of this camp will take place at Long Lake Park. Everybody will meet at ISLA and walk to the park.

Amazing Animals / Animalísimo

July 24 – 28 Entering Grade K

Do you know what a rooster sounds like in Spanish? Did you know that in Spanish crickets say: "cri, cri" and dogs say"guau guau"? Whether you knew it or not, come join us in the Animalisimo camp this summer and discover all about animals! We will be equipped with tons of fun activities around the theme of animals while being immersed for a week in a unique Spanish Camp for kindergarteners! Some of the activities include crafts, animal masks, mural-painting, face painting, making fun summer snacks, singing Spanish songs & much, much more! This will also be a time to experience some fun Hispanic outdoor games and to enjoy the summery air together! 

Magical Wizarding World through Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts / El Mundo Mágico de Harry Potter y las Bestias Fantásticas

July 31 - August 4 Entering Grades 1-5

Come join the Wizarding Universe and have a fantastic time. Prepare your magical case and await to receive your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. Arrive on the Hogwarts Express and get sorted into your Hogwarts House by the Sorting Hat. Then you’ll set off and experience this wonderful world. We will explore many of the beasts that roam. You’ll even make your own beast and Bowtruckle. It will be so great that it will make even Newt Scamander proud.  Learn to create your wand and use it to cast special spells! Inquire about potions and how to make them. Then play an exciting round of quidditch to catch the Golden Snitch. All of this and lots more. Come unlock this marvelous world.  Alohomora!

MakerSpace, Coding and Minecraft / MakerSpace, Programación y Minecraft

August 7 - 11 Entering Grades 1-5

Do you want to be a hacker? Do you want time to tinker and discover how things work? MakerSpace is the place to be! This week, you will work as engineers to design things that have not been thought of before. Do you want to make a robot your way? Do you want to invent something that makes your life easier? Better yet - want to invent something that makes your life more fun? Come and tinker with us and see how much you can create and have fun at the same time! Do you want to play minecraft too? Yes, we will play minecraft every day! Can everybody play? Yes, Minecraft is for everybody! All ages can come and enjoy Minecraft every day. Welcome!