ISLA gets a surprise visit from musical guest “Herencia de Timbiqui”.

September 29, 2019

Alfredo Fernandez

2nd Grade Teacher
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There is an old saying “The best things in life aren't planned” and on this special occasion a special group paid a visit to ISLA. Having recently announced a United States (U.S) tour,  Herencia de Timbiqui (Heritage from Timbiqui) dropped by our school for a show just minutes after getting off a plane from Chicago, before rushing off to do a soundcheck for their evening show at The Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis.

From the original eleven Colombian musicians, five of them performed at ISLA. This included vocals by William Angulo and Begner Vasquez, the marimba (percussion) by Enrique Riascos, the conga (single-headed drum from Cuba) by Pablo Mancilla, and the bombo folclórico (Latin American drums).

Herencia de Timbiqui´s intro included a brief introduction on their instruments and  few words about their culture. In this visit they sang upbeat tunes like “Quiero Cantarte”, and “Te Invito”, which are the some of the more notable works from their most recent album.

These young and multifaceted musicians electrified the entire school community. Their music is a blend of jazz, funk, reggae, pop, and other elements. They were able to completely engage the students and staff; after the show, they commented to some teachers about the level of Spanish and quality of singing from our students--who were able to follow along and sing whole verses of songs which they were only hearing for the first time.  Their final song included “Colombia Tierra Querida” translation means “Colombia Beloved Nation”. Consequently, both lead singers invited everyone to dance; the next thing you know most of the students flocked to their side surrounding them, and students, staff, and the musicians danced together for the final song. At the end of the assembly the ISLA students taught the visiting musicians our school song, and the artists were mobbed for autographs.  

               Herencia de Timbiquí - "Colombia Tierra Querida"


               Herencia de Timbiquí - "QUIERO CANTARTE"