ISLA and ISLA PTO News 5/4/18

September 29, 2019

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

Fourth Grade Market

What a week of fun activity we have had at ISLA! One of the more dynamic, transdisciplinary and highly student driven units of inquiry that we have at ISLA is our 4th grade unit called, "Show me the money". After inquiring into many concepts related to economy the students took the reins and embarked on the process of starting a business of their choosing. This year they decided on creating a carnival which consisted of a variety of interactive games, treats of all kinds and crafts including making a mother's day card. It was a fun festive event that was a huge success! After paying back the loans from their investors the students are tallying up their earnings which will be divided into spending, saving and giving to a charity of their choice.  Way to go 4th grade entrepreneurs!! 

Please Vote!

Election for ISLA’s Board of Directors will take place on May 15, 2018. Biographies of the candidates can be found on the school website at

Voting can be done in the office from 8:45 am – 4:30 pm or at the beginning of the Board’s meeting at 6:30 pm in the Media Center.

Late Start     

Thursday, May 10th is ISLA’s next late start. Buses and school will start 2 hours late. If you need child care for this day, register online at They need at least 24 hours to process requests for care.

Scheduling 2018-2019 Language Ambassadors (LAs) Host Family Home Visits!

Have you thought about hosting an LA? Don’t miss your chance for this upcoming school year to open your home to one of our 2018-19 school year LAs. 

We are scheduling house visits in May for potential host families. We will meet at your home and go over expectations of the host families and answer any additional questions that you have. 

If you are interested in hosting and/or want more information, please contact LA Coordinator Kim Gelperin at

Spring Music Programs

  • Tues, May 8 – 3rd&4th grade, 10am 
  • Thurs, May 10 – 6th grade, 6:30pm 
  • Weds, May 16 – 1st grade, 10am 
  • Thurs, May 17 – 5th grade, 6:30pm 
  • Fri, May 18 – Kinder program and  graduation, 9:30am

Lost and Found

Lost and found is overflowing the cabinet.  Come check out lost and found during your child’s concert so can claim your child’s valuables.  Items not picked up by Friday, May 18th, will be donated! 

2018-19 PTO Positions Available

There will be two open positions - Chair and Secretary/Communications - on the PTO for the 2018-19 school year. If you are interested, please contact Chris Polston ( for the chair position and Sarah Walz ( for the communications position. The positions for the 2018-19 school year will be voted on at the May 22ndPTO meeting. A general description of each role is listed below:

PTO Chair:

  1. To prepare the meeting agenda and define action items prior to the meeting.
  2. To convene and preside at meetings.
  3. To facilitate any group discussions.
  4. To call for members for committees.
  5. To work closely with the Director and ISLA Board in matters that relate to the ISLA PTO.
  6. To make presentations to various groups and ISLA Board, if requested.
  7. To plan the annual calendar.
  8. To verify the filing of all appropriate tax documents as required by the IRS and the State of Minnesota.
  9. Available to sign checks, receipts or payment requests in addition to Treasurer.

PTO Secretary/Communications

  1. To attend all meetings and record proceedings and votes of the ISLA PTO.
  2. To submit minutes of the PTO meetings to the ISLA PTO website posting prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  3. Send out weekly (or as needed) communications on behalf of the PTO
  4. To make any necessary revisions to the PTO meeting minutes and post to the ISLA PTO website within two weeks of the meeting when the revisions were discussed.
  5. To assist the PTO Board in handling any necessary correspondence.
  6. To maintain the permanent records of the Organization including but not limited to Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, IRS Determination letter, Federal Employer Identification Number, Sales Tax Exemption documentation, etc.

Fiesta Great Gatherings


We still have many openings for all kinds of great gatherings and staff events.  You can sign up for them on SQUARE. . A few of the gatherings/events that are coming up soon are listed below. As events are filled they will no longer be available, act now!

  • 5/11: Taste of Spain Dinner Party (adult only gathering)
  • 5/19: Crenshaw at Stages Theater with Sra Alfaro (1st – 6th grades only)
  • 5/20: Picnic at the Falls with Sra Adams (4th – 6th grades only)
  • 5/20: Workout + Wine + Snacks at mXe Movement Studio (adults only gathering)
  • 5/23: Minecraft Prop making class with LA Carlos (3rd – 6th grades only)
  • 5/24: Keychain making with Sr. Martin and LA Diego (3rd – 6th grades only)
  • 6/1: Comedy and Cocktails (adult only gathering)
  • 6/2: A Bakers Dozen (1st grade only)
  • 6/2: Have a Ball (current kinder and 1st grade only)
  • 6/9: Chilean BBQ (adults only gathering)
  • 6/16: Egg Roll Party (adult only gathering)
  • 6/24: String Art Party (adult only gathering)
  • 6/24: Arepas Night (adult only gathering)
  • 8/18: Pizza Night (adult only gathering)
  • 9/22: Paella Cooking Class & Dining Experience (adults only gathering)

Field Day

Field day is around the corner!  It will be held on Tuesday, May 22nd.  Sr. Diaz needs volunteers to make this day run successfully.  If you are able to help, please contact Ginnie Pollen ( or Kris Bilardi ( 

This will be a non-uniform day.  Children should wear athletic and comfortable clothes and sneakers (no flip-flops).  Also remember to pack a water bottle and sunscreen in your child's backpack.      

Thank You!

Fiesta Coordinators Tasha Bredeson and Casie Budolfson would like to thank you for...

  • All your generous donations
  • Your many hours of volunteering
  • Your support of the ISLA PTO & LA program
  • Placing your bids on BiddingforGood online auction
  • Attending the Fiesta de la Primavera in person (attendance of 100 in spite of the weather!) or bidding from home.
  • Reaching a record FUND A NEED of $15,500.00 - THATS TWO MORE LA’S!

AND, between the 2 online auctions we raised $51,395.31!! AFTER expenses! And this number will only go up as we continue to add people to gatherings that still have openings ( )