Hopkins Proposal Task Force

September 29, 2019

Justin Elder

Board Director

Dear ISLA families, 

I’m happy to inform you that the Hopkins proposal task force efforts are well underway. A few wins I am able to share are: (1) we are surveying ISLA staff to get a better understanding of their interests and concerns with the proposal from Hopkins: (2) we’ve scheduled an onsite visit of XinXing Academy for the task force and a few members of the board; (3) initiated a benefits analysis for ISLA; and (4) continued discussion with representatives from the Hopkins school district to better understand the interests of all both parties.

I thank you all for your continued interest and feedback as we work through this unchartered proposition to our school. The members of the task force are working diligently each day to process responses, and meeting each week to deliver the best outcome for our school through this process.

Please recognize that our progress will certainly ebb and flow on a weekly basis. We have worked with Emily to maintain an FAQ document on the home page of ISLA’s website. We will update this document as new information becomes available to share. Given the inconsistent rate of change, we will rely more heavily on posting our updates to the online FAQ document, and reserve updates in the weekly emailed newsletter for only significant developments. We encourage everyone to refer to the FAQ document for our latest updates, and ask that you continue to send your questions to proposal.feedback@isla.school.

All the best,

Jaiah Kamara
ISLA Board Member

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