Fiesta News - Stock the Cellar

September 29, 2019

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant


Each year Stock the Cellar (formerly Wall of Wine) is a live auction item at the Fiesta de la Primavera.  This item consists of dozens of bottles of wine, each one with some special significance to the ISLA family who donated it. It has been a very popular live auction item.  We will also have “Stock the Bar” – a new bidding item this year!  This will include high quality spirits and liquors as well as barware… everything you would need for your bar!

During the event, there will be a carnival ring toss game, so you can win one of these specially donated bottles of wine, instead of the whole wall.

Please consider donating a bottle of wine and/or a bottle of spirits. 

We will be partnering with a new liquor store this year!  We will have more info next week on the wines that will be available for purchase.  If you are chomping at the bit to donate immediately, here are your options right now:

Option 1:

1.      Select a bottle of wine and/or a bottle of spirits.

2.      To personalize our collection (this is optional), please fill out a quick note sharing your name and why you chose this wine and/or liquor.

3.      Drop off the bottle(s) and note at ISLA (directly to Emily Smith in the office) or contact Casie Budolfson at or 612-965-9895.

Option 2:

 Donate a dollar amount ($10, $20, $30 etc.) to use towards a “group buy” of a variety of  wine and spirits.  Please make the check out to ISLA PTO with “Wine” in the memo.

The money can be placed in an envelope and given to Emily Smith.