Fiesta de la Primavera

September 29, 2019

Kristen Bilardi

It's kind of fun to do the impossible. ~Walt Disney

And that's what we did, ISLA!

The PTO is ecstatic to announce that because of the ISLA community's generous support, the Fiesta raised enough money to bring 8 LAs to school next year! A new fundraising record was set - $55,600.00!

In order to make the 8th LA official, the PTO is required to hold an official vote at the next PTO General Meeting. Please come to ISLA and cast your vote on May 23rd, at 6:30 pm.

When people forget themselves, they usually do things others remember. ~James Coco

The fiesta is always a months-long endeavor, with so many indivituals and teams of people working in support. Leading the effort this year were Karen Chenvert and Sarah O'Connor, who so graciously gave of their time to bravely undertake the monster responsibility of planning the Fiesta. The PTO is grateful for their insight, leadership, and vision. We wouldn't have achieved a record year without Karen and Sarah - The PTO appreciates all of their hard woork! The Fiesta wouldn't have been the success it was without the following businesses and people either. We are honored, humbled, and thankful for their support.

Kasey Worrell Hatzung, Co-founder and Principal of Fusion Hill, once again created all the stunning graphic designs and logos on our flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, and auction guides, etc. Thank you, Kasey, for your many years of service and dedication to ISLA! Your work inspires and moves us all!
Aaron & Kim Gelperin, Meggin LGregory, and Janine Keller The LA videos shown at the fiesta pulled at the heartstrings of so many. Beautifully done - Bravo! Thank you for your collaboration on this, but mostly for so eloquently illustrating why we falue every one of our LAs, and why they mean the world to ISLA and our children's education, not to mention our hearts.

Business Sponsors:

DTA Associates
Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits
Badger Hill Brewing Company
Assembly Commercial Real Estate
Adhesive Label Company

Fiesta Committee:

Ginnie Pollen
Casie Budolfson
Betsey Palmgren
Whitney Greiffenstein
Heidi Estrada
Lisa Firth
Dana Anderson O'Brien
Anne & Martin Hoff
Lynn Cases
Sarah Walz
Kristin Bilardi
James McCabe

Event Volunteers:

Mat Chenvert, Bruce Hoffman, Stephanie Swanson, Nate O'Connor, Laura Smith, Emily Smith, Eric & Katie Husband, Jennifer Schmerler, Matt & Jenny Stockhaus, Jason & Jacy Grais, Jim & Liz Martin, Kati Kragtorp, Maria Miller-Rinaldi, Rico & Lynn Casses, Jen Koontz & Braden Beam, Tony & Sherry Amelse, Janiece Gray, Heidi Estrada, Martin & Anne Hoff, Erik Bredeson, Mike Bilardi, Jaiah Kamara, AndyBabula and Matt & Amanda MacPhail.

Fiesta Planning & Work Day Volunters:

Mary Jo De Villers, Carrie Eckstam, Jenny Stockhaus, Angela Sandok, Melissa Adrian, Liz Martin, Holly Kassenborg, Rene Ibarra, Julia Breyer, Zsuzsanna Matika, Cici Dashe, Becky Fisher, Toni Chelikowsky, Sherry Amelse, Nichole Pellerine and Tasha Bredeson.

Great Gatherings are Back!

the PTO has opened up sales to the Fiesta Great Gatherings! Did you miss something because you were mingling? Did you forget about a certain item you wanted? Were you unable to attend the Fiesta? Don't fret! Now is your chance to buy it! Click here to be taken to the ISLA PTO Online Square Store

Gatherings Coming Up Soon!

Murder Mystery Dinner for 4 couples on Saturday, April 29th.
The house will be transformed into a 1950's Malt Shop and Cafe. Come prepared to act out your part at this dinner party and learn of the murder mystery while hanging out at the malt shop. It is an evening of suspense, intrigue, and humor. Costume suggestions will be mailed to you, as well as information about your character, so you are prepared. Those who learn of the murderer by the end of the meal will receive a prize to take home. A pot roast dinner will be prepared, or a vegetarian entree is available upon request. Appetizers, libations, and dessert will also be served. Anticipated date: Saturday, April 29, 2017 or TBD by all guests. Each bidder receives 2 spots to this event. $100 per pair. Donated by: Rick and Lynn Cases

LTD Brewery Tasting and tour for 5 pairs on Sunday May 7th.
Grab a friend and head to LTD Brewing Co. for a private tour and tasting. LTD Brewing Co., and ISLA parent, Neil Kozlowicz, will host a tasting and tour on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 4:00 pm. LET is a new Brewery in downtown Hopkins. Each guest will receive an LTD pint glass to keep, a flight tasting, and one growler per pair to bring home. Snacks will be provided by Neil. Each purchse includes two guests. $70 per pair, 5 spots available. Dontated by: LTD Brewing Company & Neil Kozlowicz.

If you were unable to attend the Fiesta and would like to support an LA, feel free to Click here to be taken to the ISLA PTO Online Square Store.

Language Ambassador Fees:

Amity Fee - $1600
Education - $325
Monthly cell phone - $35
Monthly Lunches - $64
Misc La costs - $$100
Monthly stipends - $360