FAQ Re: Implementation of COVID-19 Guidelines at ISLA for 2021-22

September 7, 2021

Tanya Nelson


FAQ Re: Implementation of COVID-19 Guidelines at ISLA for 2021-2022

To ensure the safety of staff, students and the community, ISLA will be following the COVID-19 recommendations made by the CDC/MDH (with some requirements due to a federal mandate or an ISLA School Board policy).

Will I need to wear a face covering in the school building?

  • Yes, ISLA School Board recently approved a new Face Covering policy. The policy states that face coverings are required by ALL persons inside the school building, regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings are also required to be worn outside during times of sustained close contact. The updated policy indicates which types of face coverings are acceptable. Please refer to the policy on ISLA’s website for more specific information.

Does my student need to wear a face covering on the school bus?

  • Yes, this is a federal requirement. Face coverings must be worn on all types of public transportation.

Will staff and volunteers in the school building need to be vaccinated?

  • Yes, ISLA School Board recently approved a mandatory vaccination policy for all ISLA staff. ISLA requires that all staff entering the workplace, including regular employees, temporary workers, independent contractors, ambassadors, Amity interns, and volunteers, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and show proof of vaccination before coming into the workplace. Compliance with this policy is subject to reasonable accommodation requests. Please see the Staff Mandatory Vaccination Policy on ISLA’s website for more information.

Will ISLA offer COVID screening testing for staff and/or students during the school year?

  • This is currently being discussed, but it’s very likely that one of the many options for testing will be available for staff and students. Whether it’s a take home test or one available to do at school, this hasn’t been decided yet. Once these details have been worked out, information will be shared with staff and families.

Will staff and students be required to quarantine or isolate if they test positive or are exposed to someone who tests positive?

  • The most current MDH guidelines defining whether someone is considered a close contact will be used to determine if quarantine is recommended. Quarantine time frames and testing recommendations do vary some depending on whether the individual has been vaccinated or not, and the specifics of the situation. Notifications will be sent to those who are identified as close contacts. If someone has a positive COVID test, they will need to isolate for the time period recommended by MDH.

Will persons inside the school building need to maintain physical distancing?

  • To the extent possible, we will aim for at least 3 feet of physical distancing between students in the classroom. CDC has recommended that schools provide in-person learning for all students. However, if physical distancing cannot be maintained at all times, it is important to layer other prevention strategies. Other measures that ISLA will take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are universal face coverings, individuals staying home when sick and getting tested, cleaning and disinfection, ventilation, contact tracing along with quarantine or isolation, vaccination of eligible persons, hand hygiene and screening testing.

Do I need to inform the school if I (staff) am sick or my child is sick, has a positive COVID-19 test or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19?

  • Yes, please use the following email to report anything related to COVID-19 to the school (covid19reporting@isla.school). This email address will be sent to pertinent Administration staff, office staff and the School Nurse. You may include your child’s teacher in the email if you choose to do so.
  • If you (staff member) or your child has symptoms that could be consistent with COVID, please stay home and get tested for COVID. You must wait for negative results and show proof of these lab-confirmed negative results before returning to school. Communication about results must clearly indicate the person’s name/DOB, date the test was performed, and the test results. Results cannot be accepted without the previous indicators.
  • If you (staff) or your child has received a positive test result, the School Nurse will work with you to determine the date on which you can return to school.
  • If you (staff) or your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, the School Nurse will work with you to determine recommended dates for testing and the date on which you can return to school.

Are these guidelines subject to change?

  • Yes, ISLA will follow the most current recommendations made by the CDC/MDH. If the COVID-19 situation changes and the guidelines are updated by CDC or MDH, these same updates will apply to operations at ISLA.

What about other applications of the CDC/MDH guidelines that aren’t listed here?

  • As situations arise during the school year, the guidelines recommended by the CDC and MDH will be consulted for the most up-to-date information. Recommendations will be made to ISLA staff and families based on the specific situation and how it fits in with the current guidelines.

MDH Decision Tree      { Spanish}

Refer to this document for questions regarding specific symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 illness and also testing, quarantine and isolation recommendations.

CDC COVID-19 Info for Families & Children