3/9/17 ISLA News

September 29, 2019

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

Extra-curriculars Spring 2017

Session Details

  • Date: March 27 – May 19
  • Time: 3:45pm to 4:45pm
  • Location: ISLA

Sign-up Details

  • Registration Deadline is March 22nd    
  • Registrations accepted on a first come     first serve basis
  • Late registrations are not accepted
  • Please make checks payable to:     ISLA-PTO

Additional Details

  • Please have your student bring a nutritious snack and a water bottle for after-school snack time
  • Please be prompt to pick up your children. Any student not picked up by 4:50 will be sent to Compañeros

Register here

MinecraftEDU – Sr. Edgar

  • Monday
  • Grades 5-6
  • Limit 8 students

MinecraftEDU is a specialized version of Minecraft for educational environments that incorporates IB principles. These activities promote teamwork, friendship and creativity through true edutainment.

Painting Life/Pintando la Vida – Srta. Nataly

  • Tuesday
  • Grades K-4
  • Limit 8 students

Would you like to express your feeling through painting?  This is an amazing opportunity to show what you have inside.  In this extra-curricular activity, you will be able to create your own paintings as well as learn more about painting techniques.

We are all hands on deck!                      

The Spanish Corner / El Rincón Español – Srta. Susanna & Srta. Nuria

  • Tuesday
  • Grades K - 3
  • Limit 15 students

Do you want to be immersed in Spain? Using arts and crafts, songs, dances and traditional cooking, you will learn about Spain in a didactic fashion. It will be fun and at the same time increase vocabulary in Spanish and knowledge of culture, promoting creativity, empathy and friendship.


Google CS (Computer Science) First / Aprendamos programación con Google – Sr. Douglas

  • Tuesday
  • Grades 5 - 6
  • Limit 10 students

This class will encourage students to go from consumers to creators.  It is intended to help students to increase the access and exposure to Computer Science (CS) through interactive activities and projects.  Our goal is to increase confidence when using computers, instill courage to try new things and provide a sense of belonging in technology for students.

Soccer/Juguemos Fù
tbol – Sr. Mario & Sr. Martin

  • Wednesday
  • Grades K-4
  • Limit 20 students

If you are passionate about sports, this is the activity for you. As you might know Soccer is the most popular sport around the world. Your  will not only increase your Soccer skills and your physical abilities but also develop your IB values in the process. Get Ready to learn and enjoy this sport to the max!!!


Zumba Kids with Salsa Rhythms / Zumba para Niños con Ritmos de Salsa – Sr. Mario & Srta. Leiry

  • Thursday
  • Grades K – 5
  • Limit 15 students

Join the group to enjoy this Colombian discipline specially created for kids, which combines dance movements with a series of aerobic routines. If you like to dance and exercise at the same time, Zumba is for you! Come and have a great time with Srta. Leiry and Sr. Mario.


Chess Club – Twin Cities Chess Club

  • Thursday
  • Grades K – 6
  • Minimum 6 students

Want to amaze your friends and impress your opponents? Want to increase your IQ while having fun playing chess and compete for various prizes? Learn from Twin Cities Chess Club instructors who have years of experience. Competitive Chess tournaments are scheduled once a year and students can play for real chess trophies! All levels are welcome.  We have a great instructor for this class but he is not Spanish speaker.

MinecraftEDU – Sr. Edgar

  • Thursday
  • Grades 3-4
  • Limit 8 students

MinecraftEDU is a specialized version of Minecraft for educational environments that incorporates IB principles. These activities promote teamwork, friendship and creativity through true edutainment.

Absolutely Amazing Cartoons! - Young Rembrandts

  • Wednesdays 3:35 - 4:35 p.m.
  • Grades K-6

Click here to register https://register.asapconnected.com/ClassDetail.aspx?pk=715982

This month is Women's History Month, and here is a great family event to celebrate the accomplishments of women in the STEM fiels.

Discovery Days: Women in Science

Mar 11, 2017 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM
The Bakken Museum 
3537 Zenith Ave. S. 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

In line with Women's History Month, celebrate the accomplishments of women in the STEM field with expert discussions, interactive stations, and other activities. Museum admission $5 - $10 (free for members and children 4 and under, and discounted for those who show up in their Scout attire).

Eat the Rainbow!                                                        

Dazzle your kids with color on their plate! Eating fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors--red, dark green, yellow, orange, blue, purple and white--not only provides eye candy for your kids, but mixing hings up also gives them a broad range of nutrients. So "think variety, think color" and everybody wins! And they can have a little fun filling up the shopping cart with a spectrum of colorful fruits and vegetables that will create a rainbow on their plates!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a rainbow-shaped fruit salad on a platter with pink grapefruit, oranges, bananas, kiwifruit, blueberries and purple grapes.
  • Saute a medley of mixed vegetables using each color; red onions, carrots, corn, jicama, broccoli and black beans.
  • Try a spinach salad with dried cranberries, oranges, red onion and your favorite vinaigrette.
  • Make fruit-sicles: Puree fresh, frozen or canned fruit with 100% fruit juice and freeze in ice cube trays, paper cups or popsicle molds for a refreshing treat.
  • Make a Greek-inspired salad: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, red onions, chickpeas and black olives.
  • On a busy night, check out the assortment of veggies available in the frozen section (or clean out the veggie drawer in the fridge) to build a meal--a quick stir-fry, vegetable soup or stew, or a frittata.

Fruits and vegetables are nutritious, delicious and FUN to eat!

Student-Led Conferences

Student-led conferences are scheduled for March 23 and 24.  Conferences will be held from 1 pm-8pm on Thursday, March 23rd and 8 am-2 pm on Friday, March 24th.  These conferences with your child are meant to be an informative and rewarding experience.  As you probably know, your role in this conference is that of active listener.  As your child reports to you on his/her progress, feel free to record any questions or comments you have. 

The time will be structured so that the conferences occur simultaneously.  You will first meet with your child and discuss the portfolio of work for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes the teacher will join the conference to review fall goals, discuss and answer questions.  All parties must do their best to adhere to the schedule, as there is no lag time between one group finishing and the next one beginning.  If you feel the need to continue the conference beyond 30 minues, you can schedule a time with the teacher at a later date. 

This conference is a time for open and honest discussion with your child about his/her progress in school.  Children are involved in the conference in an effort to continue optimal communication between child/parent/teacher.  If you have a concern that you would prefer to address with the teacher in prívate, please let him/her know and you can make arrangements to communicate with one another at another time.

Sra. Holzbauer 
Sra. Patino-Johnson 
Sra. Martinez 
Sra. Alfaro 
Srta. Ortiz 
Srta. Hester 
Srta. Pfeiffer 
Sra. de la Cruz 
Srta. Olesen 
Sr. Allueva 
Sra. Adams 
Sra. Maldonado 
Sra. Devers 
Sra. Ashby 
Sr. Diaz 
Sr. Martin 
Sra. Slininger