2024-02-01 Noticias de ISLA y ISLA PTO

February 5, 2024

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

Letter from the Director

““We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”  Howard Zinn

Queridas Familias, 

I hope this finds you doing well and in good health!

  •  It was great to see many of you at the 3rd Grade Innovation Fair last week!  I loved seeing how students showed their knowledge of ancient civilizations, their inventions, and enjoyed listening to them reflect on the connections between ancient and modern needs. 
  • As you know, our Summer Camp offerings went live to the community last week, and will now be open to the general public as of today.   We have a wonderful new array of classes on offer for this summer, so take a look at the get your spots soon, as they are filling up quickly.   
  • Have you heard about what is going on down in the Exploración class?   All students have the opportunity to attend this class to work on their Design Thinking skills, but Sra. Maldonado has made some significant changes recently--delving into collaborative work between several grades, starting an Eco Club, and really ramping up the work done with the 3-D printers and the Engineering Cycle. 
  • Transportation--we are pleased to announce that our buses have been on time to ISLA and finishing their routes on time nearly every day since we came back from winter break! Well done bus drivers!  
  • Lunches--Our apologies for the truncated window for ordering lunches recently.  We have worked with the lunch provider to remedy this and we will be getting the menus out with a longer ordering window starting this next month.  
  • Did you see what is on offer this year for Spirit Week? February 12-16th, with fun themes each day. It might be a good idea to take a look and talk to your ISLA student to avoid a last minute rush. In my house we call that type of last minute request for a tri-fold presentation board or similar a “Fedora Moment”, because of a time years ago when my (then middle school aged) son made a 9:59 pm request for a fedora and a few other things for an activity at school the next day.   

Atentamente, Jeremy

Board Update

The ISLA Board of Directors last met on January 16th.  The topic of class sizes has been discussed at several meetings this past year.  As the board considered class sizes for the 2024-2025 school year, it was noted that the current 4th grade class has 58 students.  While ISLA generally has not had more than 25 pupils per section, exceptions have been made historically when smaller sections have been combined from one year to the next.  When sections of less than 20 students exist, it is prudent for the school board to consider whether combining classes may be in the best interest of the school overall.  Based on feedback from administration, current 4th grade teachers and potential 5th grade teachers for next year, the board voted to offer two sections of 5th grade for the 2024-2025 academic year.  All returning students will be re-enrolled for next year; however, new students will not be accepted unless total 5th grade enrollment drops below 50 students.  While we always hope that all of our students are able to return year after year, we know that families move and other changes of families' situations occur that prevent all students from re-enrolling each fall.  Therefore, we will not know the final number of students per section until late this summer.  The school board and administration will be meeting with teachers to assess what additional support may be needed for the 5th grade class next year in anticipation of greater than 25 students per section.  The next meeting of the ISLA School Board will take place on February 20th from 6:30-9:30 in the Flex Room of the School and via Zoom.  We invite all community members to join us in-person or on-line.

Summer Camp


Join the ISLA School Board!

Looking for a way to support the mission and shape the future of ISLA? Join the ISLA Board of Directors! The Election and Nominating Committee is seeking interested community members, teachers, parents, grandparents, and guardians to fill upcoming vacancies on the ISLA Board for three-year terms beginning July 1, 2024. No previous board experience is required.  There is a great interest in individuals with expertise in grant writing, fundraising/development, marketing, and human resources, to name a few areas, but we welcome anyone who is dedicated and ready to support ISLA and its community.

The ISLA Board is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the school, implementing policies and procedures, and long-term strategic and financial planning. In addition, there are a number of different committees on which Board members serve. Click here for descriptions of the various committees. Currently the Board meets in the evening on the third Tuesday of each month.

If you are interested in seeking a Board seat, please submit a Statement of Interest (available here) to the Election and Nominating Committee by Friday, February 3, 2024. Questions about Board service and the election process can be directed to Isabelle Krisch, Chair of the Election and Nominating Committee, at ikrisch@isla.school.

Year Book Pictures

Below you'll find the links to upload candid photos for the yearbook! If you have any fun pictures from field trips, sporting events, class parties, or other ISLA activities, we'd love to see them! There are folders for each grade as well as folders for the first day of school or a community folder for mixed grades or larger events. If you need to sign up for a TreeRing account, the school code is 1016123740893948. Please reach out to evas.mom@gmail.com with any questions.

El Nido
irst / Primero
Second / Segundo
Third / Tercero
Fourth / Cuarto
Fifth / Quinto
Sixth / Sexto

Art / Exploration
Phy Ed

LA Photos
First Day / Primer Dia

Sibling Enrollment    

To be eligible for enrollment into Kindergarten, a student must be five years old on or before September 1 of the enrollment year. ISLA gives preference for enrollment to students who:

  • Meet the application deadline
  • Is a sibling of a currently enrolled pupil or foster child of the pupil's parents
  • Are a child of an ISLA staff member

Make sure that your child receives the sibling enrollment priority they are entitled to at ISLA.  Submit an online student application for the sibling of a currently enrolled student by the sibling enrollment deadline (4:00 pm on February 15, 2024).  Any student applications for a sibling received after the deadline will follow regular enrollment processes.


As we continue to work on improving the PTO Website to be the go-to source for info, we will be trying to condense some of the info included in Noticias! Here’s to progress! 

Butter Braids & Pizzas

Click this link to register & create a unique website for your student(s) to share with friends & family and have 40% of sales come back to the ISLA PTO to support our efforts to cover the costs of our Social Workers! For further details on butter braids, pizzas and our fundraising efforts, please visit the PTO Website! Optional: There is a PDF attached for you to print out, add your child(ren)'s name & QR code to help bring in more sales for them! Feel free to print one for your workplace break room, bulletin board, community center, church, etc. We are so grateful for the community’s support and partnership as we all work towards the same goal of providing the very best support for our kids & staff. THANK YOU!

Let’s treat our teachers!

On Wednesday February 14th, let's show ISLA teachers and staff some LOVE! Take a peek at the signup genius to see what treat you’d like to snag! Please drop off your items in the teacher’s lounge 2/13 Tuesday afternoon or 2/14 Wednesday morning. THANK YOU for your help and showing our ISLA staff how appreciative we are of them!!

Acoustic Panels

After successfully raising the funds for the new acoustic tiles in the gym, the PTO is looking for about 10-20 handy men or women to help with the installation. No prior experience necessary. Please contact Jenner Moretto at: ptochair@isla.school

Registration is OPEN for GOTR!

GIRLS ON THE RUN opens for registration TODAY, 2/1! Calling all 3rd-5th grade girls!! We will be preparing for a 5K while playing games and activities that incorporate life skills, such as managing emotions, being a good friend, standing up for yourself and others! Practices will be Tuesdays & Thursdays 4–5:30 and financial aid is available, no qualifying necessary. 

GOTR Details!  Please email Jenner at PTOChair@isla.school with any questions!!

We are so excited to be hosting monthly community nights at some favorite local restaurants!!

Hang out with other ISLA families and let the kids play together while grabbing dinner. The best part is that a portion of our restaurant purchases will be coming back to the ISLA PTO!!! So far this year, we have raised $2,739!!! Our next planned date is listed below. Please visit the PTO Website for the full schedule!

Monday 2/12 4–9pm

10997 Red Cir Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55343

• • • Get involved • • •  

You can find more information on all of these topics on the PTO Website!

Serve lunch

Click here to see available time slots!

Box Tops for Education
Get started!! 

Mabel’s Labels

Visit their website and search for International Spanish Language Academy

Teacher Wishlists

Click here to view the full list of teachers broken down by grade!

Just FIVE weeks to go!!

What is Fiesta de la Primavera?! It is ISLA PTO’s BIGGEST fundraiser and gathering each Spring where we come together as a community to mingle. We celebrate, dance, eat & drink. (There may even be a few surprises up our sleeve this year!)

While doing that, we fundraise to provide 100% of the costs of the Language Ambassador Program!  Each year, ISLA PTO brings native Spanish-speakers to our school as teaching assistants to our kids. The LAs are an invaluable part of our school and Fiesta de la Primavera is the time that we are able to provide support for this amazing program!! To do that, the PTO gathers donations from both local businesses and within our community through Great Gatherings, gift baskets, gift certificates and countless other types of items to auction off!

Current Fiesta Needs–Attend: Get your tickets here!!

–Can’t attend? You can still participate in the online auction!! Click here to register on the Givesmart website and view the available items. If you attended Fiesta or participated in the online auction last year, you should already have an account. Follow this link if you have forgotten your username or password.

–Donate: Great Gatherings, gift baskets, gift cards or goods & services are all amazing donations!! You can click here to learn more about donation types & find the forms!

–Discover Great Gatherings: The Fiesta website is filling up quickly with more donations rolling in!! The two events noted below are happening in the next TWO WEEKS!!! NEW EVENT! Parent Night Out while the kids PARTY at ISLA!!Nature Center Adventure!

–Volunteer: We will respect the time you have available whether it be 1hr or 10hrs. Please reach out to Jenner Moretto & Caitlin Edstrom at Fiesta@isla.school with questions and to help plan this party & fundraiser!