2023-03-03 Noticias de ISLA y ISLA PTO

March 3, 2023

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

Tomorrow is the DAY!!

We are so glad to be getting back to enjoying our ISLA community for more fun events. Fiesta is such a great place to meet other parents from the school, connect and have some fun while we support the amazing Language Ambassador Program and our school!!


If you’ve already purchased your ticket to Fiesta, you are ready to bid in the online auction on Givesmart until it closes Saturday night! We've been adding new items daily, so keep checking back! If you still need a ticket, you can follow the same link and snag yours now. Please check your email for more details about the event tomorrow. As always, please feel free to reach out to fiesta@isla.school with any questions.

We are looking for more volunteers on the day of the event!! No time slot is more than one hour long, so you can help out and still enjoy all the festivities. No previous experience is necessary.

We are specifically looking for help in a few area:

  • Set up & tear down before & after the event
  • Live Auction Runners (no speaking parts, just helping move things around)
  • Someone to record bids from the live program.
  • End of day check out/pick up gift baskets & winning items!

Please take a look at the sign up sheet and see if you are able to help out: Fiesta Day of Event Volunteer Sign-up!

Not able to attend?

You can still participate in the online auction– Register to participate on Givesmart and start bidding on items now! Friends and family are also welcome to participate and register in the online auction platform or you can even consider having a friend bid for you during the live auction!!

General donations towards the LA Program & the school can be made here!! Thank you so much for your support and we are so excited to celebrate!

Executive Director 360 Degree Survey

Every year, the HR Committee conducts a 360 Degree Survey of the Executive Director.  A few years ago Jeremy brought this idea to the Board to help set and evaluate goals.  This anonymous survey should take about 5-10 minutes and is written in English and Spanish.  Please complete the survey by Monday, March 13th.  

Encuesta de 360 grados del director ejecutivo

Cada año, el comité de recursos humanos realiza una encuesta de 360 grados. Hace unos años Jeremy trajo esta idea a la junta directiva para ayudar a establecer y evaluar los objetivos.  Esta encuesta anónima debería tomar 5 a 10 minutos de su tiempo y está disponible en español y inglés. Por favor completa la encuesta para el lunes, 13 de marzo.  

Thank you!!

Summer School at ISLA

As families are making summer plans, some have inquired about summer school at ISLA.  Summer school is by invitation only, based on assessment data and teacher input.  For students invited to summer school, families will be notified in late March, with a registration deadline at the end of April.

Summer school will be scheduled for incoming 2nd-6th graders the mornings of July 17-28. While it is ideal for students to attend both weeks, families may register for one or both weeks.  

Students who are registered for summer camp will be able to adjust their registration if they receive a summer school invitation.  We encourage families to sign up for the summer camp(s) they are interested in.  Students attending summer school have the option to stay in the afternoon for summer camp programming.

Engineering Team

A huge shout out to our 6th Grade engineering team, The Star Gazers for participating in this year's regional contest this Tuesday, February 28. The competition is sponsored by the Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence. This year's theme was Into Orbit - Transforming Space Technology. The team challenge was to create a machine with multiple steps to complete a simple task using recycled materials and the design process. The team was scored on a Team Journal, Presentation, and Machine Design and Operation.

The Star Gazers will be advancing to the championship and will compete again in Mankato, Minnesota on April 21. Way to go team!

Team Name: The Star Gazers - Anna Breyer, Lauren Breyer, Gia Toran, and Maia Rodriguez

Second Grade Engineering Fair

Friday, March 3rd, our 2nd grade engineers added a splash of color to ISLA’s spring canvas of showcasing the importance of how scientists and engineers communicate the discoveries of their inquiries. The students developed an understanding that we all can be engineers as we learn to observe our surroundings and look for answers to solve problems that can improve how our communities function.  Our students experimented and tested the concepts of balance and motion in relation to how bridges are constructed and expanded on their knowledge of how engineers use the engineering design process. The Bridges Engineering Fair celebrates the creative process of designing, testing and improving bridges and explores  how  "failure" is a positive catalyst for improvement and innovation.

El Mercado

Hello Parents, students and staff of ISLA,

We are the 4th grade representatives: Gia, Evan, Clara, Gio, Amelia, Bastien, Theo and Violeta. We are from a company named El Mercado. In 4th grade we are studying economy and how to start and manage a business. We are going to use the money we earn in three ways: donating to a non profit, spending a little on a celebration party and saving most of the profits for our fifth grade trip to Wolf Ridge. El Mercado will be held in the cafeteria. ISLA students from other classes will attend at the following times:

March 7, 1:25-1:50 pm - 5th grade
March 7, 1:55-2:20 pm - 6th grade
March 7, 2:25-2:50 pm - 1st grade
March 8, 1:25-1:50 pm - Kinder and pre-k
March 8, 1:55-2:20 pm - 3rd grade
March 8, 2:25-2:50 pm - 2nd grade

Parents are welcome to join at any time we are open March 7 & 8, 1:25-3:15 pm

El Mercado is made up of nine businesses, here is a description of them:

  • Sunwishes: come to our business and enjoy the best sandwiches in ISLA. We are making different kinds of sandwiches and you will be able to choose from our options.
  • La casa loca: in our business you will be able to play 2 different games: skee ball and corn hole. You can win keychains, mochi squishies and candy. We also sell cinnamon rolls. 
  • Mango negro: our business is a calm place to have good snacks. We offer food and we will run a lottery for winning a squismellow. We also sell bracelets and scarves made of thread. Our meal options  are cookies, mochis and donuts.
  • El divertido: our company is a market where you can buy takis, fruit and so more! You will also be able to do a little challenge and win fun prizes.
  • Tienda de dulces: Welcome to Tienda de dulces of the 4th grade fair. Here at Tienda de Dulces we sell chocolate and strawberry smoothies, lemonade and magic milk straws. 
  • Magdalenas Tropicales: in our business we will sell homemade cupcakes for $2. The flavors of our cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla. We will also be selling lemonade for $1. In Magdalenas Tropicales we go for the best, so in here you will be able to spin a mystery will for prizes like sunglasses, mini donuts and leis.
  • Choco-premios: In Choco-premios we sell hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and our customers are able to play minigolf as well. Minigolf is $2 for five swings. If you get all five you win a grand prize  and you make one to four you get smaller prizes like candy and little toys. Hot chocolate will be sold for $2 and an extra $1 for marshmallow if wanted. 
  • El gambito: here at El gambito we sell milkshakes. We have different flavors like vanilla, peanut butter, choco-banana and double chocolate. In our business we also sell mini donuts and you will be able to spin our mystery wheel or play a quick card game.
  • Baloncesto estrellas: in our business you can play basketball and win prizes like candy and a basketball. You can play three turns for $2 or five turns for $3 and enjoy as never.

Students need as little as $5, prices of the activities/items will range between $1.00 to $3.00. If you can, please sponsor someone who cannot afford it by sending some extra cash. That way we make sure all can enjoy the event.  Do not send the money before the day of the market.