2022-02-22 Noticias de ISLA

February 22, 2022

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

Spirit Week February 22-25**

Lunes, 28** de febrero: Como Nos Expresamos- Express Yourself!

Here is your chance to step out of your ISLA Uniform and express your own style with confidence! Since February 22nd was a snow day, we are changing the express yourself day to Monday, February 28th.

Miércoles, 23 de febrero: Quienes Somos - Character Day

Dress like a beloved character from your favorite book or movie - or take a different route and dress like a famous historical figure.  You decide!

Jueves, 24 de febrero: Día cómodo Comfy Day

Come to school in your PJs or your coziest clothes. Time to snuggle in and learn!

Viernes 25 de febrero - Criaturas fantásticas - Creature Day

Open the treasure chest of your imagination and assemble your best mythological creature or dinosaur ensemble.  Calling all sparkly rainbow unicorns, three-headed dragons, mermaids, and velociraptors!  

Spring Student Led Conferences

Welcome to the sign up for our Spring Student-Led Conferences!  Each 30 minute spring conference includes a 15 minute student-led session followed by 15 minutes with your child’s classroom teacher.  Pre-K conferences are 20 minutes with the teacher, student and parent. Please use the links provided to schedule a conference for your child. 

Pre-Kinder/El Nido:
Srta. Patricia Bonifacio  

Srta. Doris Bonifacio

Sra. Silvia Herrero

Sra. Maryann Najera

1st Grade
Sra. Bonyin King
Srta. Lina Pinto

Sra. Edily Sanchez 

2nd Grade
Srta. Riana Dilley
Sr. Alfredo Fernandez
Sra Tatiana Gordillo

3rd Grade
Sra. Estela Alfaro
Sra. Marly Wood

4th Grade
Sra. Patricia Floe
Sr. Roberto Izquierdo

5th Grade
Sra. Cori Adams
Sr. Jordi Costa

6th Grade
Sra. Sarah Ashby
Sra. Holly Seehafer

Specialists Conferences
are fifteen minutes long.  Feel free to schedule a check-in with your child’s specialist teacher.

Physical Education
Sr. Igor Diaz

Srta. Claudia Medina

Sra. Adriana Maldonado

Sra. Lisa Yepes

Bus Invoices/Financing

This week, we will be sending out invoices for our transportation service.  We wanted to take this opportunity to explain a bit more about the financing of transportation for charter schools, and why we have to pay for busing now.  Charter schools are entitled to request for bus service free of charge from their resident district, which we always did in the past, as this service covered ridership for a good portion of our students.  However, as we have now moved out of the Hopkins school district into the Edina school district, we now have to foot the bill, because if we requested this service from Edina, we would not be able to provide transportation for many students who live outside of the Edina district.  The ISLA school board also wanted all existing bus riders at the time of our move (legacy riders) to continue to have free bus service, and we wanted to expand our bus service to offer the service to many more new families.  While we do get some funding from the state, it only covers about a third of the total cost.  The transportation committee has committed to pro-rating the fees for all students until November, when we added the 8th bus and the service level improved dramatically.

Here is the breakdown of expenses:

  • Legacy riders, Free and Reduced, and Edina residents (per statute): Always free.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Original bus fee quoted to all families:  338 per rider, 676 max per family
  • Prorated bus fee:  $ 262.89 per rider, $ 525.78 max per family
  • Actual cost per rider after state subsidy:  $ 869
  • ISLA deficit per rider after state subsidy and bus fee: $ 606
  • While the ISLA board was fully cognizant of the implications of this deficit, and we budgeted accordingly, we will still be offering the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the transportation fund at the time of billing.

March Lunch Ordering Window is Open

The lunch ordering window closes tomorrow, Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022 at 9am!

Please make sure you get your order in for each day for the whole month of March.

We have added the option "MILK ONLY" for the kids that bring lunch from home :)

Please be informed that when you choose Quick Pick - Hot lunch or Quick pick - Vegetarian, you'll have to select this option for each day. For some reason it doesn't choose every day of the month automatically.