2021-12-17 Noticias de ISLA y ISLA PTO

December 17, 2021

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

Unit 2 Summaries

Our Unit 2 Summaries will be shared today on Toddle!  As a reminder, these Unit Summaries differ from the Progress Reports that you may have seen in the past. While Progress Reports, sent home in February and June, include a more detailed view of students' progress in specific subject areas, Unit Summaries provide an overview of the most recent unit of inquiry. Rather than viewing subject areas such as social studies, science, language arts, etc. as separate areas, our IB units are taught through a transdisciplinary approach. We hope that these overviews spark interesting, authentic conversations at home about students’ dynamic learning experiences and conceptual understandings. For more details about assessment at ISLA, please refer to the information that was sent home this fall: Assessment at ISLA.

Winter Extracurricular Activities

Ukulele Lessons - Uke-Aprende!

The weather may be frightful outside, but the sweet sounds of a ukulele will bring you to the Hawaiian beaches in no time! In this class, your student will learn the basics of playing the ukulele, including a variety of chords to strum to many popular songs. No experience needed, but if you are already a player, you can continue to build your skills and fine tune your technique. Bring your own ukulele, or you may use one of the school’s. All parents (in case your child forgets their instrument one week) must sign a waver stating they are responsible for any damages incurred to ISLA’s ukuleles. Classes held entirely in Spanish by our amazing Language Ambassadors, Srta. Anamaría, Srta. Carolina and Sr. Carlos. Go to the extra-curricular activities page to register.

When: Monday afternoons, 4:15-5:15 in the Exploracíon Room.
Jan. 10-March 21 (8 classes) No class Jan. 17, Feb. 21 and March 7
Signed waiver needed. Click here for waiver.

Who: Students in grades 2-6

Cost: $96

Beginning Clay Class

Learn how to turn clay into different animals, insects, flower pots, rings, ornaments or miniature action figures to encourage imagination and play.  Hand-building techniques will be used, and students will explore how tools they can find around the classroom and at home can be made into different patterns and shapes. Classes held entirely in Spanish by our amazing Language Ambassadors, Srta. Irene and Srta. Gisela. Go to the extra-curricular activities page to register.

When: Tuesday afternoons 4:15-5:15 in the Exploracion Room
Jan. 11- March 22 (10 classes) No classes March 8

Who: Kindergarten through 6th

Cost: $120

New Year - New Art

We’re celebrating the New Year in style – Young Rembrandts winter classes are kicking off with African Masks, the Statue of Liberty, and a winter rabbit. We will be highlighting artist Andy Warhol. You will learn core art skills, gain self-confidence and create some amazing art pieces along the way. Enroll online at https://bit.ly/islanew22

January 12 - March 23
4:00-5:30 pm
$199 (11 sessions)

Chess Club – Twin Cities Chess Club

This class begins on Thursday, January 13 and goes through March 17th. Want to amaze your friends and impress your opponents? Want to increase your IQ while having fun playing chess and compete for various prizes? Learn from Twin Cities Chess Club instructors who have years of experience. Competitive Chess tournaments are scheduled once a year and students can play for real chess trophies! All levels are welcome. We have a great instructor for this class but he is not a Spanish speaker. $99 for 10 sessions. Register online at twincitieschessclub.com/school/Registration.html

Classes will be 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm. Early release dates will have classes from 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm. (January 27, February 24 and March 17)

Help Improve the Lives of ISLA Faculty and Staff!

The ISLA Human Resource Committee is currently recruiting members, and we'd love to have you join us! The H.R. Committee is an advisory committee to the ISLA Board of Directors, made up of parents, community volunteers, ISLA faculty, and staff members.  We provide recommendations, guidance, assistance, and support to the Board and the ISLA administration with respect to a variety of human resources matters. As a part of this Committee, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of the amazing faculty and staff of ISLA.  We regularly solicit employee feedback and recommend actions to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, including in the areas of employee benefits and compensation.

Come join our team!  No experience is necessary, but human resource or employment law experience would be particularly appreciated. If you are interested, please contact Dana Provus, the current H.R. Committee Chair, at dprovus@isla.school.

Join the ISLA Board of Directors!

Looking for a way to support the mission and shape the future of ISLA? Join the ISLA Board of Directors!  The ISLA Election and Nominating Committee is seeking interested community members, teachers, parents, grandparents, and guardians to fill several upcoming vacancies on the ISLA Board beginning June 30, 2022.  No previous experience is required, but we do have a specific need for individuals with expertise in marketing and communications, fundraising, or finance.

The ISLA Board is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the school, implementing policies and procedures, and long-term strategic and financial planning.  In addition, there are a number of different committees on which Board members serve. Click here for descriptions of the various committees. The Board meets in the evening on the third Tuesday of each month.

If you are interested in seeking a Board seat, please submit a Statement of Interest (available here) to the Election and Nominating Committee by February 4.  Questions about Board service and the election process can be directed to Liz Crouse, Chair of the Election and Nominating Committee, at lcrouse@isla.school. The election of Board Directors will occur in connection with ISLA’s annual meeting on May 17, 2022.

Meet Anamaria

My name is Anamaria Díaz, I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I am currently studying Licensure in foreign languages with an emphasis in English at La Gran ColombiaUniversity. I just turned 22 years old. My family is a really really importantfactor in my life I live with my parents and my brother, who is 19 and is in the Air Force right now.

My hobbies include playing the ukelele, and also I like to sing, my favorite activity is going to concerts. Coffee? Yes please!

Thisis a huge experience for me because I will learn so many things since I amwilling to assist as an assistant teacher. I am so excited to meet new peopleand be able to know new places. Being a new member of a family is a goodchallenge because you have to be open to different thoughts, cultures andtraditional things they are accustomed to. The host family I’mleaving with are The Coopers: Mike, Sheryl, Talia and Gabriel have brought hometo me. I am really glad to have this opportunity. I will be working in the kindergarten classrooms, and can be reached at 952-270-6263 or adiaz@isla.school. Thank you!

Meet Irene

I am Irene Rodriguez Coello and I was born in Valladolid, Spain. I graduated in History and carried out a Masters degree in Government and Democracy. My family is very close and I have always helped by little sister and little cousins with their homework. It was at that moment that I decided that my dream would be to be a teacher one day. My hobbies are reading and spending time outdoors. In Spain, I have a dog and a cat who are very important to me. I love traveling and seeing new places. I have been in more than 25 countries! I am excited to be at ISLA and in Minnesota. I am staying with the Mahowalds while I am here - I hope to meet you soon. You can reach me at irodriguez@isla.school. Thank you!