2020-09-04 Noticias de ISLA y ISLA PTO

September 7, 2021

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

From the Health Office

To all ISLA Staff/Families/Students: Important Information for COVID-19 Reporting

We have established a new email address for reporting any COVID-19 symptom(s) or for reporting any exposure to someone positive for COVID-19. When you send information to this email, it will go to the ISLA Administration Staff and the School Nurse. Please include current phone number(s) in your email, as the School Nurse will need to be in touch regarding exposure or symptom dates. We will review current MDH guidelines for quarantine/exclusion and for when it is safe to return to school. Thank you for your help and your understanding and patience as we navigate through this together!

The email address for reporting COVID-19 symptoms or exposure is: covid19reporting@isla.school

Stay safe and be well!

Face Coverings at ISLA

The ISLA Board has approved a Face Covering Policy. The link to the policy is included here, but it can also be found on the ISLA website under "Families" and then "School Policies".

Some key points of the Face Covering Policy: Face coverings will be required for everyone entering the school building (staff, students, families, visitors). Acceptable face coverings include paper or disposable masks, cloth face masks or a religious face covering. Face coverings that are NOT acceptable include scarves, bandanas and neck gaiters. In certain situations where face masks cannot be tolerated, a face shield that covers the entire face may be an alternative. Please refer to the policy for further details. Resources are included at the end of the policy explaining rationales behind the policy.

Yahoo/BooHoo Event:

"Some of us are crying, teary-eyed and blue. Some of us are cheering: I'm glad summer's through! Whatever mood you're feeling, stop by and stay awhile. We'll be here to greet you with a smile!"

Please join us for a Kindergarten- 1st Grade only Bring Your Own Coffee, socially distanced Yahoo-Boohoo Breakfast.

Tuesday, September 8th, 8:45-9:30 Isla Parking Lot

Hosted by the PTO, questions: zsuzsa.matika@gmail.com

Welcome back!  Fall learning is underway!

As you might guess, this year the yearbook committee is getting creative.  Super creative.  2020 creative!  

At the end of this message, there are instructions that explain how to gain access to ISLA's Share Site. This is ISLA's picture-hosting site - a place where teachers, parents, and guardians submit photos to be considered for publication in the yearbook.  This year, it will be crucial that the ISLA community support the yearbook efforts in contributing photos.  The yearbook will be what WE make it!  We will be welcoming photos from home, from extracurricular sports, events, and socially distanced get-togethers, etc - anything, really!  If it includes ISLA kids, we want to see it!  As well, at times, we will ask for specific types of photos, too!  Please keep a lookout for the yearbook committee requests.

If you have pictures from this week at orientation, kinder and 1st-grade drop-off, Yahoo Boohoo, soccer practice, etc., PLEASE submit these photos. If you know who is in the picture, please include that info in the comments on the Share Site.  If you don't know names but know the grade(s), please include that info. Lastly, please be selective of the photos you upload.  The more the merrier, but if you can pick one of three that are basically the same shot - we don't need all three.  Our team has to view each picture and sift through every image, so this helps reduce our workload if you vet the uploads.  

Over the coming months, there will be a series of Editor Interview Questions listed here on Facebook, and in other school publications.  The questions are meant to be asked of your children.  Please submit their answers, along with their name and grade to islaSyearbook@gmail.com.  These questions and answers may be included in the yearbook.

This week's questions are:

  1. Share the story of your family's greatest toilet paper search?  
  2. How did Covid-19 bring us closer together?  

Here are the instructions for the picture site:

You can easily submit pictures from your desktop, mobile phone (download the app - Shutterfly Share Sites) and even Google Photos!

Here's how to get started:

  • Start gathering your digital photos for the yearbook. Pictures should be a minimum of 500kb.
  • Create a Shutterfly account by following this site URL:   https://islasyearbook.shutterfly.com/
  • ISLA's Site name is ISLA's Yearbook.
  • Once registered, your account will be approved by ISLA Yearbook staff.
  • Once approved, you can start uploading your pictures to the site.  Make sure you drop them in the correct folder which has already been set up for your class, e.g. "Kindergarten, Sra. Patino"
  • Optional:  Download the free Shutterfly Share Sites iPhone App or Shutterfly Share Sites for Android App and share photos directly from your phone.
  • Important:  Pictures must be jpeg or jpg and all pictures should be a minimum of 500kb.  Over 500kb is preferred to avoid blurry images.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Email questions to:  islaSyearbook@gmail.com

We appreciate your support!  - The Yearbook Committee

Support the PTO!

Looking for easy ways to help support the great work that the PTO does for our kids and their school?  Here are two great options!

Mabel’s Labels: You can find your child’s things easily in the lost and found by marking them with bright, durable, Mabel’s Labels. Go to https://campaigns.mabelslabels.com/ and click on ‘Select your School/Organization and choose International Spanish Language Academy.  A portion of your purchase will support the PTO.

Amazon Smile: Shop at Amazon?  You can have a portion of your purchase donated to the PTO!  Go to https://smile.amazon.com/ and search for International Spanish Language Academy.  Then just make sure to bookmark AmazonSmile and use it for all your Amazon shopping needs.

Box Tops: Download this app to scan in your receipts to make easy money for our school!

Go to: Home - Box Tops for Education

Curbside Lunch Volunteer

Looking for volunteers for Curbside Lunch Pick up on Sept. 8th, 14th and 21st from 2-4:30PM.  If you are able please signup at the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0D4FA4A62AA1FF2-isla17

Room Parents:

We aren't exactly sure how this role will look this year, but we are sure that Room Parents are still needed to support our hard working teachers!  If you are interested in being a room parent this year please reach out to volunteer@isla.com for more information.