2020-07-10 Noticias de ISLA y ISLA PTO

September 7, 2021

Emily Smith

Administrative Assistant

2019-20 Language Ambassadors

2020-21 Language Ambassador Update

As many of you now know, ISLA’s Language Ambassadors (LAs) are currently not allowed to come to Minnesota until January - at the earliest. This will have a profound impact on our classrooms and the start of the school year at ISLA. If you are wondering how you can help, please read the letter from Amity below. Our fabulous LAs (Amity interns) bring so much to ISLA. Please share your favorite stories and how they have helped your family in the hopes that this program can continue. Submissions can be sent to the email address below anytime before July 15th.

Many, many thanks!


As many of you are now aware, on June 22, 2020, the White House issued a proclamation suspending the issuance of J-1 visas effective through December 31, 2020. Firstly, we'd like to thank many of you for your kind responses and encouragement in the wake of this announcement. The shockwaves that this proclamation has sent through the international exchange community are profound. Your sentiments have certainly been a silver-lining.

While the Amity Team is saddened to experience such a suspension for the first time in our (almost) 60 years of operation, we are not disheartened. We have witnessed first-hand the incredible impact that our Intern and Teacher Programs have on U.S. communities. We firmly believe that international teaching exchange, which fosters a global classroom, international friendship and cultural understanding, is an essential offering.

Below are just a few examples of the opportunities that our Intern and Teacher Programs afford U.S. school communities and young learners:

  • The Intern and Teacher Programs support U.S. national security by facilitating cross-cultural learning and exchanges.
  • The Intern and Teacher Programs foster mutual understanding and cross-cultural learning in the classroom, as well as the mastery of specific subject areas.
  • Exchange teachers and interns bring international diversity to U.S. classrooms and prepare U.S. students to excel in global contexts.
  • Exchange participants support American schools and local communities, and inspire the students they teach.

Many of you have written to ask how you can help. The presidential proclamation has the ability to be reviewed after 30 days, and Amity is ready to take action in support of this review, and the continuation of international exchange. We are asking any interested host families to take some time to reflect on the impact our J1 programs have had on your community, and to share your testimonials and stories in support of international exchange. Why do you think programs such as Amity's are an invaluable offering?

Please email your messages of support to jtburke@amity.org, and any accompanying photos or videos that seem appropriate, by July 15th. Our goal is to compile these materials and share them with our greater community, mobilizing voices of support for J1 programs.

The Amity Team thanks you for your continued understanding during this time. We are looking forward to moving on post-proclamation, more motivated than ever.

Busing for the 2020-21 School Year

Each year families need to request busing from Hopkins Transportation Department. The transportation department does not automatically assume that if you requested busing last year, you will need it again in the fall. It is very important for families to request busing if they need it. Here is the link to make an online request: https://www.hopkinsschools.org/servicesdepartments/transportation/forms/online-student-transportation-information-form-grades-k-12

2020-2021 School Calendar

Here is the link for a printable 2020-2021 school calendar

Classroom Supply Lists

For those of you who did not participate in the PTO's classroom supply purchase service, you will be able to find the classroom supply list for each grade level on the website. Go to the families tab and then click on classroom supplies tab.