Ximena Rayo was born and raised in Santiago, Chile where she attended an English Immersion school as a student. Her school was one of the first IB schools in Chile and she was an IB, Diploma Certificate student (language A - Spanish, language B-English). Her BA was in Physical Education from the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación. She came to the United States to teach PE in Spanish. While in Minnesota Ximena taught for over nine years in a Spanish Immersion setting in Saint Paul Public Schools. She gained her Master's Degree, Computer Applications’ License and Administrative License at Hamline University. She taught in the graduate school of Education from 1999 until 2009. Ximena brings her Spanish Immersion, IB and Technology skills and experiences to ISLA. Ximena has been at ISLA since 2009 and continues to love working in a school where there is so much passion about language immersion and inquiry teaching and learning. She enjoys how talented and dedicated the ISLA faculty and staff are.