Thairys full name is Thairys Maria Rodriguez Rodriguez (It sounds like “tidy” in English). She was born and raised in Venezuela, and received a social worker heritage from her parents. Thairys loves teaching and before she graduated from high school made the firm decision to become a teacher; she has never regretted this decision. She worked as a special education teacher for twenty-five years back in Venezuela; this helped her better understand children, teenagers and adults in need of special education. At one of the institutions where she worked, the main goal was the development of long and short-term integration plans for students with disabilities for inclusion into the regular education settings. She is a fervent backer of individuals with disabilities’ rights, and advocates to ensure that many individuals with disabilities get fair education and jobs. Thairys is a teacher who believes that each person is unique. As an educator, she develops the physical, emotional, cognitive and social facets of children in order to ensure an effective learning environment. Because each child is an individual who learns in a particular way, she has researched and adapted different kinds of educational resources in order to address their needs. Thus, she provides a range of activities and devotes adequate time for each child's learning style as well as his/her cultural background. Also, collaborative work is vital for reaching students’ educational goals, so working together parents, families, teachers, professionals, community and others is an essential part of her work. She will begin her work at ISLA in 2016-17. She is very proud and happy to be starting work at such an accomplished institution.