Sara is from Oviedo, a small & beautiful city in the north of Spain. She received her bachelors degree in Elementary Education in Spain and she finished her second degree in Pedagogy in Austria. During her undergraduate career, she spent time abroad in Austria and the UK. While she was there, she had various opportunities to work in bilingual environments and discovered her passion for immersion and bilingual education. She then went on to study her Master's degree in Bilingual Education. She started her career working as an assistant to children with special needs and disabilities for two years. Later, she became a homeroom teacher in a bilingual IB school in Spain and worked there for 4 years. Sara always wanted to have the opportunity to live in another country for a long period of time and experience the culture and way of life while teaching. She is very passionate about her job and what she does - she truly believes that the full immersion environment is the key to second language mastery. This is her second year in ISLA teaching Kindergarten. Sara really feels that she has found a sense of belonging in the community at ISLA and is very grateful and happy to be here another year