Jose Antonio was born and grew up in Teruel, a small and cold city in Spain. He received his bachelor degree in teaching from the University of Zaragoza in 2005. Later, he obtained his postgraduate degree with a specification in Education in Rural Areas, and finished his Master’s Degree in Pedagogy in 2014. For five years, Jose worked as a homeroom teacher and P.E. Teacher in several elementary schools in the state of Aragon, Spain, before coming to to Minnesota in August 2014 as part of the Visiting Teachers Progam, a cultural exchange program between Spain and United States. This program is promoted by the Spain's Ministry of Education and the US Department of Education, so that native Spanish speakers can share and teach their language and culture to students who are learning a second language in a bilingual or immersion setting. Outside of school he likes sports and outdoors activities (running, hiking, mountain biking). He also loves to travel to discover and get acquainted with new places, cultures and people. He is very excited and happy about coming back to work at ISLA and to be part of the ISLA family. As he put it: "Working at ISLA, and living in Minnesota is a dream come true for me".