Dayra Lorena De La Cruz López is a native from Colombia. She graduated from the University Santiago de Cali with a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages. She also attended Hamline University and successfully completed the teaching licensure Program. Mrs. De La Cruz has over 15 years of teaching experience in her homeland and the United States. Sra. De La Cruz finished her two years as an exchange student in Minnesota, and applied to teach at ISLA in 2009. Shortly after the school was founded she taught as a first grade teacher for five years, which turned out to be her greatest love and undertaking as a professional to date. In 2014 Sra.. De La Cruz took a leave of absence and returned for a year to Colombia. In addition, after falling in love in Paris, France, she celebrated her wedding ceremony in Cali with her family. She returned to our school to work as the Dean of Students and coordinator of the response to intervention (RTI) program in 2015-16. Sra. De La Cruz moved back to teaching in 3rd grade for the the 2016- 2017 school year. She will be again the Dean of Students in 2017-18. Sra. De La Cruz is very excited of the opportunity to work with all students again.