Dan Tix works for Barr Engineering as an ecologist. His primary responsibility is to restore wetlands as replacements for those impacted during development and to ensure that the restored wetlands meet quality and diversity standards. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Grinnell College in Iowa and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Plant Biology with an emphasis in ecological restoration. He has lived throughout the United States and has travelled to Kenya, Korea, New Zealand, Belize, and Europe. His travels have given him a great appreciation for diversity of cultures, but he is most fascinated by the similarity among all people, families, and communities. Despite our differences, Dan believes that people are more alike than we are different. Dan has three children: one in the class of 2024, one in the class of 2018, and one alumnus from the class of 2016. Dan sits on ISLA’s Facilities Committee and is excited for the green space upgrades coming in the summer of 2018. In his free time, Dan enjoys biking, fishing, trips to the boundary waters, and most activities outside, and board meetings.