Alfredo Fernández was born in Madrid and grew up in Alcalá de Henares, a wonderful city near Madrid (Spain). He completed, in 2015, the studies leading to the official university degree of Graduated in Primary Education teaching, Majoring in Special Educational Needs in Primary Education from the University of Alcalá. He worked 2 years at public schools in Madrid. He moved to Minnesota 3 years ago. Before starting at ISLA he lived in Winona, MN and worked 1 year in Jefferson Elementary school as an Educational Assistant (Winona). 2 years ago, he started working in ISLA as an Educational Assistant and last year he was a teacher in Second Grade. He lives in Saint Louis Park with his wife Sonia. He loves sports like running, biking or trekking and he also likes to travel or go to the movies. He is very happy to start his third year at ISLA as a Second Grade teacher because “it is a great place to work teaching Spanish with an incredible community”.